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Killin' For A Livin'
Price: $11.00
Artist: 1220
Description: Wunderkinds of the Knoxville TN local scene, their hook filled album from 2009 was recorded by Don Coffey Jr. of Superdrag (and the band can ROCK like the 'Drag too), the band has set out to cover new territory by incorporating a perfected power pop shimmer... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Graveyard Paradise: Complete Recordings '66-'68
Price: $15.00
Artist: 1 2 6
Description: SOLD OUT!! Thanks to the fine folks at Ugly Things, here's a very cool, career-spanning retrospective of a terrific 60's band that we were not familiar with - UNTIL NOW!  1 2 6 (One-Two-Six) were inspired by the sounds of the Beatles, the Kinks, the Who and Bob Dyl... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Brood Or Change
Price: $12.00
Artist: 50 Cent Haircut
Description: What best describes Jay Souza and 50 Cent Haircut? Think a rootsier Only Ones! Souza’s Peter Perrett-like vocals coupled with the band’s rockin’ approach add up to one terrific effort of “classic and richly toned slide guitars, whisky-soaked vocals and timeless melodies….like Hank Williams slapping The Beatles on the back over a few beers…Syd Barrett is the bartender, Johnny Cash is working the door, and XTC is on the jukebox” "Alt Honky-Tonk Garage Brit Pop." Not too far off the mark, though probably favoring the Brit Pop edge, heavy with warm, rootsy undercurrents… has a fluid, indefinable sound where all of these elements mix. "The album is like a cold beer on a hot day when you don't want to do anything, but still want to feel like more than a moldy lump on a lawn chair. 'Fiction' is a driving, pulsating sexy vision. 'Geronimo' makes you want to take your baby's hand and dance as hard as the guitar. The whole album is dripping with sweat and whiskey. it's perfect." - Sarah "The record's a bit like a scavenger hunt - they beg, borrow and steal from the masters and the obscure with the product being something completely original yet familiar. Describing themselves as 'a great American sound with that deep imported taste', if Ray Davies was in a rockabilly or Americana band it would sound a bit like this. Great harmonies, great interplay between jangle guitar and crisp leads, big thumping bass, skins pounded to within a inch of their lives, heavy and sometimes humourous lyrical content. They more than hold their own playing in the same ballpark as the likes of Ryan Adams, Wilco, the Jayhawks, the Cure (sans cheesy keys), the Kinks, John Hiatt, Elvis Costello and Graham Parker." - W1P Plus, how can you go wrong with a song like “Bring Me The Head (Of A Backstreet Boy)”? EXCELLENT!!... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

My Music Plan
Price: $11.00
Artist: 8889
Description: LIMITED STOCK!!! Thank you! Our prayers were answered back in May of 2005 when we pleaded for a full-length by this Wisconsin five-some after their most excellent debut jangly pop EP and they delivered! Furthering the jangly Brit-pop vibe that permeated their debut, this one again features hook-filled songs propelled by jangly guitars and the fragile vocals of Russ Benbow and Jason Teteak. "They exude all the sincerity and innocent charm of the proverbial boy next door: It comes through in their songs - polished pop rock statements draped in the classic hues of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Motown, and it comes through in their lyrics, which feature candid reflections on loving and living in a world that sometimes moves too fast...Behind the tireless drive of the band's talented songwriting tandem, they have authored a document of passionate delivery and meticulous craftsmanship. Terrific...the very definition of genuine." -The Isthmus "A Precious Pop Gem that is near-perfect guitar pop, a Midwestern spin on a grand British tradition. The melodies are gorgeous and infectious. 8889 are capable of turning relatively simple melodies into giant, sweeping epic moments, and have produced an album that is slick and radio-friendly without being excessive or lifeless" - Rick's Cafe "With a Brit-pop sensibility that harkens back to the late '90s and channels Blur with a dash of Oasis. They show a healthy disregard for all trends indie and moves decidedly into the genre of smooth guitar pop - clearly demonstrating potential and the possession of songcraft building blocks necessary to become lasting musicians." - The Daily Cardinal "They play smooth, earnest, and accessible jangle-rock with luxuriant harmonies. Their mid-tempo jaunts are flavored with keyboards and layered guitars, and Benbow provides a strong sway factor as the songs roll and flow." -The Onion Will appeal immediately to fans of 80's/90's Brit-popsters like Suede Crocodiles, Horse Latitides, Aztec Camera, The Bluebells, et all and more recently, Crumb. GREAT!!!... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

The Anatomy Of An Apricot
Price: $10.00
Artist: 8X8
Description: 8X8 is the transatlantic collaboration between Lane Steinberg (NYC - he of Tan Sleeve, Cracked Latin, The Wind) and Alex Khodchenko (Kiev, Ukraine). The entire album was recorded via file sharing. The principals have never met, nor even spoken. Their relationship, which began as a series of emails, blossomed over several years into a working musical partnership that transcends the lack of a common language and physical proximity. "A rare and precious jewel of an album! Entirely done via the internet, yet it has an organic wholeness that you would swear could not be possible under those circumstances.Although it has a sound that one might consider 'Brit Pop' or psychedelic pop, and fits easily in a playlist featuring The Dukes Of Stratosphear, the Kinks, early Pink Floyd, Love, late Beach Boys, and the like, it remains completely original, so well have the influences been digested. Every song is a gem. It's a beautiful album, and stands on its own as a work with it's own integrity, rather than a mere imitation. I can't recommend this album more highly." - M. B. Dill "Bringing forth influences from Todd Rundgren, The Zombies, The Beach Boys and Procol Harum, it requires multiple listens – but it really sticks. Opening with 'Fantastic Sun' it’s the most immediate and catchy track with a rich layered musical palette. The vocal harmonies are transcendental here and continue on 'Layabout' and 'Time And Tender Love.' Even Colin Blunstone would be impressed by the swirling 'Live in Dreamland.' This isn’t simply music you listen to – you let it wash over you like lush warm breeze. Good headphones are a must for this material. Many other highlights include the epic melodies of 'Snowflake In The Rain' and 'Sweetness In Your Life.' Credit also must go to Gregory White on a variety of keys (Hammond organ, mellotron, etc.), Rebecca Ona (backing vocals) and Rick R. (drums). Easily makes my top ten list for 2012, and will remain on my ipod for a long, long time." - Powerpopaholic.com GREAT!!!!... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Azalea's Room
Price: $12.00
Artist: 8X8
Description: 8X8 is the unique and mystical collaboration between Lane Steinberg (New York, US) and Alex Khodchenko (Kiev, UKR).  The two met in the Myspace days and have since developed an intuitive working relationship despite the fact that they have neither met nor ever spoken. At first listen, one could file under "Psychedelic Popular", but the strength of the compositions and performances are the real tribute to their influences.  "Azalea's Room", their second collection, has been two years in the making. The title track typifies the kinetic 8X8 energy with its Arabic sounding melody set to a jungle groove with lyrics describing a seaside refuge belonging to a woman who makes a fantastic cup of tea.  What follows are songs about star-crossed werewolves, cold war-era spies, a retiring obstetrician, a person trying to erase their identity from the internet...the usual rock n' roll subject matter.  It closes with a Hammond-fueled cover of "Tears of Rage", by Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel. The idea to do the song was batted around one evening with R. Stevie Moore, who plays bass on the track.  It's a bittersweet ending to an album of impressionistic nostalgia via loping grooves and enchanting melodies. "Steinberg and Khodchenko have been around long enough to know that you can't stand still and expect to be taken seriously, and here show some serious growth in a number of areas without abandoning the distinctive baroque pop sensibilities that sugarcoated our earlugs first time around.  So while delicate pop miniatures like 'Ice Wings', the Beatlesque ballad 'Code Name Jacqueline' and vintage harpsichord pop fare like 'Dr Winkler's Hands' could make a fine home for themselves on (their debut) 'Anatomy of an Apricot' there's also plenty of room for the groovy eastern rock stylings of the title track and perhaps best of all, the moody bedsit melodrama of 'Laws of Attraction'. I'm not naive enough to assume that stardom beckons of course, but there are certainly a few more attentive sets of ears that are going to be well pleased to make the acquaintance of this particularly fine album." - TheActiveListener.com EXCELLENT!!... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

All Broken Up
Price: $9.00
Artist: Aaron Fox
Description: Aaron was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. After graduating high school, he escaped from the Chicago suburbs and attended Rock School (Berklee College of Music) in Boston. In his final year in Boston, he recorded this 2003 debut effort (sans T... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Late Too Soon
Price: $13.00
Artist: Aaron Fox & the Reliables
Description: Here's some very cool, jangly, garage pop rock (with some very cool Replacement-like, chord-sequenced tunes) outta the Windy City! Aaron Fox & the Reliables started as a collaboration between Aaron Fox, guitarist/singer/songwriter, and guitarist Mike Bu... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

The Best Game
Price: $13.00
Artist: Abandon Ship
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! WOW!! On their third release from 2006, Damian, Gabriel and Nathen Lester (aka Abandon Ship) have taken it all the way! They just kept getting better and better with each release and certainly deserved wider recognition! The arrangements here are stunning, with lots and lots of guitar and vocal layering, live drums and quirky drum machine (you've never heard this sound before!) and high-energy, groovy performances. The songs are very accessible and catchy and range from guitar rockers with Beach Boys harmonies to quiet, beautiful, acoustic numbers. Think a mellower Dan Jones and you have a real good idea of what's happening here! "This was my favorite album of 2006. The versatile and talented Brothers Lester put something really special together here. Songs on 'The Best Game' ranged from sweetly lyrical to indie garage aggressive; to my earnest and untrained ear, the music is reminscent recalls Beach Boys, CSN&Y, (and perhaps a dollop of XTC?). Their sense of youthful, boyish wonder notwithstanding, these boys can also rock!" - Trey In LA And the tasteful, plentiful, Brit-Pop inspired guitar throughout is the frosting on the cake! GREAT!!!... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Happy Endings
Price: $13.00
Artist: Abandon Ship
Description: LIMITED STOCK!! Born into a musical family, the five Lester brothers grew up playing instruments and singing harmony with their parents. In 2004, Nathan, Damian, and Gabriel Lester delivered a confident follow-up to their promising debut! Retaining their youthful vocal harmonies while delivering a more up-tempo effort than their debut, it’s chock full of layered guitars – not unlike early Brendan Benson and Dan Jones’ “One Man Submarine” (must be the water in Eugene, OR) which is still a fave around here! Posies-like at times too! "A complete blind listen...which is not at all unusual for me. There is something very exciting about hearing an album having never heard a single song...then being completely blown away by it. Which is what happened with this one. The Brendan Benson-like melodies, harmonies and songwriting stays strong and the guitar work is stunning! These siblings possess loads of talent, and it shows all over this album. This one is chock full of great tunes. Listen to it on a rainy day, a sunny day, in the morning or at night Abandon Ship create melodies and pop hooks that manage to suck the listener in early. Catchy, stick to ya kinds of tunes. Anyone who likes pop songs with lots of hooks, catchy melodies, and thoughtful chord changes, should buy this album right away and never stop enjoying it immensely." - Count Keef A grower! GREAT!!!... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none


From The Outside Looking In
Price: $16.00
Artist: Andrew Taylor
Description: DROPKICK ALERT! There is a new Dropkick album nearing completion, but in the meantime Andrew Taylor steps out into the solo spotlight on a collection of songs that haven't made Dropkick albums over the past 15 years – not to worry, just because they didn’t make the albums doesn’t mean there’s a drop-off in quality! “One o ... read more »

Arrow Beach
Price: $12.00
Artist: Arrow Beach
Description: From the fertile musical landscape of central North Carolina comes Arrow Beach. Stacked with veterans of the North Carolina rock scene, the band is plowing new musical territory that is a departure from those involved. Their music is expertly laden with glammy pop hooks, deep grooves, clanging and/or jangly guitars and cl ... read more »

Just Like Medicine
Price: $15.00
Artist: A.J. Croce
Description: A.J. Croce and his producer, soul music legend, Dan Penn explore the healing power of music with “Just Like Medicine”. An all-star cast including Steve Cropper, David Hood, Vince Gill, Colin Linden and the McCrary Sisters come together on Croce's ninth studio album, which includes his first recording of "The Name of the G ... read more »

Friday Night Is Killing Me (Expanded)
Price: $27.00
Artist: Bash & Pop
Description: When The Replacements called it quits in 1991, Tommy Stinson missed playing in a band with great chemistry and who all shared the same vision. He recruited then Replacements drummer Steve Foley, Foley's brother Kevin, and Steve Brantseg to form Bash & Pop. Recording with Producer Don Smith (Cracker, Keith Richards, John Hia ... read more »

Towards Utopia
Price: $0.00
Artist: Bodast
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 18. AFTER SEPTEMBER 18, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. The fine folks at Esoteric Recordings have unleashed a a newly re-mastered, ultimate edition of these very kool 1969 recordings by Bodast, the sho ... read more »

We're Sorry...
Price: $13.00
Artist: Brian Lisik and The Unfortunates
Description: Recorded in a whirlwind six days inside the former Gardner Pie Company factory (a space that also doubles as a scuba diving training facility and occasional rehearsal space for Black Keys’ guitarist, Dan Auerbach) the album’s spontaneity and the room itself act as the visceral sixth member of the band, as Brian and company ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Brinsley Schwarz
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 5. AFTER SEPTEMBER 5, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. It’s only taken nearly 50 years, but here’s the first solo album from Brinsley Schwarz (himself), of Brinsley Schwarz (the band), Ducks Deluxe, and ... read more »

On The Waterfront
Price: $13.00
Artist: Captain Storm
Description: On their sophomore outing, Captain Storm takes you for a sea cruise between the sweet shores of pop and the wild coast of Americana. Welcome aboard! Their debut attracted attention with a few good songs, some of them flirting with pop anthem. Their pop rock spiced with a country touch had seduced listeners on both sides of ... read more »

Too Much Fun
Price: $12.00
Artist: Captain Storm
Description: Their 2010 debut. This Parisian ship has been rocking through hurricanes and winds that help you find your personality. Jean-Marc writes the songs and leads his band, mixing with taste all the ingredients we appreciate in our music. The opening number, “Swing Time”, gets right into the purpose with binary drums beat on whi ... read more »

I Am The Cosmos (Expanded)
Price: $22.00
Artist: Chris Bell
Description: After co-founding Big Star, the world only received two tracks of new music from Chris Bell during his lifetime-a 1978 single on the Car Records label run by Chris Stamey (dB's, Sneakers) titled "I Am The Cosmos" b/w "You And Your Sister." He would tragically be killed in a car accident later that same year. However, those ... read more »

Limitations of Source Tape
Price: $13.00
Artist: Chris Church
Description: RELEASED ON 9/22 – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! It’s certainly been a while since we last heard from Mr. Church, but he’s back, and in fine form, on this, his Spyderpop Records debut! As evidenced by his continuing pursuit of individual and group forays into diverse musical territories, Chris is a musician and writer who doesn’ ... read more »

The RAK Years (4CD)
Price: $25.00
Artist: Chris Spedding
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 18. AFTER SEPTEMBER 18, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. A 50 track, 4CD set rounding up guitar supremo Chris Spedding’s time with RAK Records between 1975-1980. As well as being the “go to guy” for ban ... read more »

More Love
Price: $15.00
Artist: Dead Rock West
Description: For their fourth album, and first for Omnivore Recordings, the California vocal duo of Cindy Wasserman and Frank Lee Drennen - a/k/a Dead Rock West - have joined forces with producer John Doe of the legendary band X, with whom they’ve toured numerous times- to create an album that places their achingly beautiful signature v ... read more »

Summer Of Love EP
Price: $8.00
Artist: Diesel Park West
Description: OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED CD ISSUE OF PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOAD-ONLY RELEASE AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FROM KOOL KAT! It’s been a few years, but Diesel Park West are back with their latest effort! This time out, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of 1967 - “The Summer of Love” - they’ve delivered a tribute where they, in their usua ... read more »

Kickin' Child
Price: $15.00
Artist: Dion
Description: Dion DiMucci (Dion and The Belmonts) first suggested that producer Tom Wilson add an electric band to Dylan’s version of “House of the Rising Sun.” Dylan loved the idea, allegedly moving him to plug in and add a band on one side of 1965’s “Bringing it all Back Home”. The same approach was used by Wilson on Simon & Garfunke ... read more »

“Turning Circles”: Acoustic Session April 2017
Price: $10.00
Artist: Dropkick
Description: A KOOL KAT EXCLUSIVE! Previously only available as a download, Andrew Taylor and the boys have graciously allowed us to manufacture physical copies of this very kool performance for people like us who aren’t fans of, or are not inclined to downloading! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their album 'Turning Circles', An ... read more »

Coast To Coast: The Anthology (3CD)
Price: $19.00
Artist: Ducks Deluxe
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 18. AFTER SEPTEMBER 18, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Renowned for their exciting, sweat-drenched live shows, Ducks Deluxe pioneered the spirit of Pub Rock back in the early-to-mid-70’s. Formed in Fe ... read more »

By Order Of The Moose
Price: $15.00
Artist: El Goodo
Description: RELEASED ON 9/29 – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! Welsh psych-pop band El Goodo return with their long awaited third album. Recorded over the course of eight years in an old derelict cinema in their home village of Resolven, the album is a continuation of where the band left off with their previous effort “Coyote” (2010). Wieldi ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Eyelids
Description: Portland, Oregon-based band Eyelids existed long before the actual band came to be. Friends for over two decades, principal songwriters John Moen and Chris Slusarenko had long desired to get together to write songs, "sweet melodies" paired with "bummer vibes," which would fuse Big Star's jangle to XTC's melodicism, connecti ... read more »

The Golden Hour
Price: $12.00
Artist: Fernando Perdomo
Description: The latest from vaunted producer (Cait Brennan, Chris Price, Linda Perhacs) and recording artist in his own right, Fernando Perdomo was recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis and played and sung entirely by Fernando. As one of pop’s most respected and talented musicians, Fernando brings undeniable artistry to the compositio ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Fernando Perdomo
Description: Fernando Perdomo has been making music on his own in his studios for over a decade now and with his ambitious release, “Voyeurs”, he has discovered a new and unique way of making music. In an unprecedented move, the record is the first album made under surveillance using Facebook Live Streaming, which allowed fans to witne ... read more »

Price: $11.00
Artist: Filthy Friends
Description: The debut album by Filthy Friends, the new “supergroup” of Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney), Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5) and Bill Rieflin (King Crimson). The 12-song collection works through a flurry of different moods and styles, genre exercises and joyo ... read more »

A Different Animal
Price: $10.00
Artist: First IN Space
Description: The first new First IN Space record in 3 years is here! We’re happy to report that the gap between releases has not affected them one bit – they still deliver the goods! “A Different Animal” is their fifth studio release “This record in my opinion may be their best release to date. It boasts the ever faithful staples tha ... read more »

Fantastic Plastic
Price: $15.00
Artist: Flamin' Groovies
Description: RELEASED ON 9/22 – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! The Flamin' Groovies story goes all the way back to 1965 when the band began as the Chosen Few in their hometown of San Francisco, CA. After a name change and a self-released 10 inch album called "Sneakers", which sold amazingly well, the band caught the attention of Columbia who ... read more »

Fire Lane (Expanded)
Price: $12.00
Artist: Gerry Devine and The Hi-Beams
Description: What comes in like the jangle pop of Marshall Crenshaw and goes out with the rootsy twang of Rodney Crowell? “Fire Lane” by Gerry Devine and The Hi-Beams! Originally released in 1995 on Gadfly Records, “Fire Lane” is the debut album from Gerry Devine and the Hi-Beams, a New York City quartet whose music falls somewhere be ... read more »

Live In St. Paul
Price: $12.00
Artist: Graham Parker and The Rumour
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 5. AFTER SEPTEMBER 5, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. From the 2012 reunion tour of Graham Parker and The Rumour, this professionally recorded, single CD version of the concert recorded at the Fitzgeral ... read more »

Circus Of Mirth
Price: $9.00
Artist: Heirs Of Fortune
Description: Terry Carolan’s (Blue Cartoon/True Hearts) latest hook-filled project is a tribute to a long lost friend and supporter. He explains the story behind “Circus Of Mirth” – “In 1974-75, Ralph Smith, Robert Watkins and Gary Heslin were the core of the band Amnesia in Tampa, Florida. I joined the band for about six months. Later ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Jack Cooper
Description: "Sandgrown" is Jack Cooper’s (Ultimate Painting) debut solo outing. (Briefly) stepping aside from Ultimate Painting, he’s unveiled nine concisely beautiful songs inspired by his hometown of Blackpool and his upbringing on England’s Fylde Coast. Evoking the delicate but often widescreen musicality of Bill Fay and the abstr ... read more »

Price: $14.00
Artist: Jeremy
Description: On “Invitation”, a 23-track collection of some the even-prolific-back-then Jeremy’s earliest recordings (1975-1977), we are “invited” to eavesdrop on what may just be his most intimate set he’s ever released. “In 1975 when I was 17 years old, my father purchased a 4-track reel to reel tape recorder. I immediately converte ... read more »

Losing The Frequency
Price: $11.00
Artist: Kris Rodgers
Description: Known as "rock n' roll's secret weapon", Kris 'Fingers' Rodgers has been a recording & touring sideman in top touring acts like The Connection, Scott Sorry, and the Kurt Baker Band for years. Joining Kris’ backing band the Dirty Gems on this one is the one-and-only man-about-town, Kurt Baker on bass. “Given that I make n ... read more »

The Albums (3CD)
Price: $23.00
Artist: Liverpool Express
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 18. AFTER SEPTEMBER 18, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. One of the 70’s “unsung heroes”, Liverpool Express In 1975 Billy Kinsley (The Merseys/The Merseybeats/Rockin' Horse) and three friends he had bee ... read more »

Selective Memories: An Anthology
Price: $20.00
Artist: Luther Russell
Description: Luther Russell is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Los Angeles, CA. His career began with The Freewheelers twenty-five years ago. As a solo artist he has released an eclectic series of albums that range from folk-rock to power pop…and even funk. His latest, “The Invisible Audience”, is a ka ... read more »

Sometimes A Great Ocean
Price: $11.00
Artist: Marble Party
Description: “Sometimes a Great Ocean” is a brilliantly arranged and masterfully conceived album that may be even more polished than the band’s first two records, their debut “Lyle” in 2012 and 2014’s “Plush Up.” “On this, their third album, they continue their winning streak with 10 new songs marked by the same kind of quirky lyrics a ... read more »

Big Guitar (Expanded)
Price: $13.00
Artist: Martin Belmont
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 5. AFTER SEPTEMBER 5, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Martin Belmont’s resume indicates where he's coming from. A former member of Ducks Deluxe and the Rumour and sideman for Carlene Carter and, he ha ... read more »

Neon Heart
Price: $15.00
Artist: Nick Capaldi
Description: Spotted on the MOJO magazine CD celebrating Paul McCartney, Nick Capaldi has now unleashed a new album. Noted British DJ Bob Harris has expressed the view that Nick’s music appeals – “I love the atmosphere of Nick Capaldi’s music. It has a joy to it which is totally infectious and an innocence which is massively endearing. ... read more »

Such Stories
Price: $10.00
Artist: Phil Angotti
Description: He’s back! It seems like ages since we last heard the honeyed voice of Phil Angotti. For those who may not be familiar with Phil (and you should be – check out his impressive back catalog of group and solo efforts), he’s been a longtime fixture of the Chicago power-pop community since the 90’s. Phil provides some insight ... read more »

Pop Art Live (2CD)
Price: $22.00
Artist: Raspberries
Description: RELEASED ON AUGUST 18 - ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! Recorded on November 26, 2004 at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio, “Pop Art Live” contains live versions of songs from all four of The Raspberries' classic original studio albums including the hits "Go All The Way," "I Wanna Be With You," "Let's Pretend," and "Overnight S ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Richard X. Heyman
Description: Richard X. Heyman is back with his 12th album, this one featuring an outstanding batch of 14 must-hear original songs. It is an album that grabs the listener on first listen, with literate tales that are melodic, adorned with shimmering harmonies and infectious guitar-anchored hooks that outdistance the majority of his pow ... read more »

Live at The Palladium
Price: $14.00
Artist: Rockpile
Description: Originally broadcast on the radio, this performance features almost one hour of blistering rock from Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Billy Bremner and Terry Williams – a/k/a Rockpile at their very, very best! Track listing: “Down, Down, Down”, “So It Goes”, “I Knew The Bride”, “Switchboard Susan”, “Crawlin’ From The Wreckage”, “T ... read more »

Crash Through Or Crash
Price: $10.00
Artist: Shake Some Action!
Description: On their latest release, Shake Some Action! have fired up the Rickenbackers, turned the jangleboxes up to 11 and cranking the Fenders till the tubes turned a fiery red . . .and they show no signs of slowing down ten years into their career. They recently hit the pages of Billboard for the first time when their single “The ... read more »

Shindig! Magazine - Issue #71
Price: $13.00
Artist: Shindig! Magazine - Issue #71
Description: The Rolling Stones are this issue’s cover stars: “Their Satanic Majesties Request” at 50: drug busts, creativity and the oft maligned freak-out album. Colorama: Welsh pop wonder Carwyn Ellis traces his band from inception to new LP. Coven: How Jinx Dawson and her theatrical Satanic psych/prog changed an era. Captain Beef ... read more »

Price: $14.00
Artist: Sitcom Neighbor
Description: WOW!! The third installment from Sitcom Neighbor (John Murphy and Steve Refling) is a nod and a wink to the simple melody and lyric style that was the signature of 70’s pop rock. Don't be surprised if a melody or two stick in your head. Tune in and turn on! “They achieve melodic pop hero status with this skillful 11-son ... read more »

Maggie Says It Again
Price: $14.00
Artist: Somerdale
Description: “Shake It Maggie”, the third album from the crunchy and catchy NJ power poppers Somerdale was originally a limited edition/numbered release in 2016 on the Face Down Records label that quickly sold out. Now comes “Maggie Says It Again” - expanded to a 15 track album on the JEM Records label that features a previously downlo ... read more »

Midtown Sizzler
Price: $9.00
Artist: STAG
Description: STAG has a riff-centered sound that’s both nostalgic and contemporaneous; equal parts romantic angst and sexual tension; vibrantly commercial yet comfortably in the red. Most of the record was recorded in Hoboken, NJ with producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Hold Steady, Kurt Vile) who states “They have all these wonderful ... read more »

Jimmy's Arcade
Price: $13.00
Artist: Terry Anderson
Description: It’s sure been a while, but he’s done it again. From the sweet hills of Bunn NC, and collaborating with some of the finest musicians in Raleigh Terry Anderson has once again put out a diamond! 18 Top Hits! It's a concept! It's a trip! It's everything you've ever wanted! “Everyone can and should enjoy this one. From my ... read more »

Take Out The Poison
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Bye Bye Blackbirds
Description: Bradley Skaught's Oakland, California-based outfit have been strong performers of the melodic pop art since arriving on the scene in 2006. He has been one the most thoughtful and engaging singer/songwriters around and his band’s albums are always redolent with a delicious blend of pop and poetry. “It’s hard not to marvel ... read more »

Front Street Rebels
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Doughboys
Description: Their fifth studio album, Front Street Rebels, features twelve brilliant new tracks from the band whose career spans pretty much all the decades rock ’n’ roll has been in existence. They returned to the House of Vibes to work again with producer/engineer Kurt Reil, and the results are scintillating. Masterful songwriting, ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: The Eddies
Description: The Eddies, a Modernist trio from Southern California that includes twin brothers, Dean and Dale Hoth, who share lead vocals and play bass and guitar respectively, and Len Curiel on drums, have indeed returned with their first full length since 2013’s "Twice Around The World". Produced by The Eddies and the legendary Earle ... read more »

Best Of The Eddies
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Eddies
Description: There is something special about siblings that play music together. From the Everly Brothers to Oasis, a special sound emerges when two close family members combine forces. Such is the case with The Eddies. Formed around the Hoth brothers and drummer Len Curiel, along with producer/multi-instrumentalist Earle Mankey for ... read more »

New Feeling (LP + CD)
Price: $20.00
Artist: The Favourites
Description: EN ROUTE – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW! VINYL RELEASE THAT COMES WITH A CD! Power-pop combo The Favourites arose from the ashes of the much revered Nottingham band Plummet Airlines in late 1977. Darryl, Duncan and Keith of The Plummets hooked up with Tony and Kevin from young local band The GTs to fulfill outstanding Plummets’ ... read more »

Kits & Cats and Saxon Wives + bonus track
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Hangabouts
Description: The Hangabouts, a Detroit area melodic pop band made up of John Lowry, Gregory Addington, and Chip Saam, are back with their terrific sophomore effort that builds on the momentum of their “Illustrated Bird” debut! Their much anticipated second release features 12 1/2 brand new songs, one super special guest vocalist, some s ... read more »

The Jags
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Jags
Description: In the fall of 1977, three teenagers from Philadelphia heard the music coming out of New York and the U.K., dusted off their guitars and drums and, as 1978 began, so did The Jags (not to be confused with the British band with the same name). From a July 4th debut at a local nightclub, the band shared legendary nights with ... read more »

Wishing Street
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Kaisers
Description: Digitally remastered edition of the Scottish retro rockin' outfit's 1997 album. Formed in 1992, The Kaisers exist in the same time zone as famous beat combos of 1962 etc., they look and sound like they could be on the way to play the Cavern, or on their way back from Hamburg, but this ain't simply some "retro" beat sound t ... read more »

Kentish Longtails
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Len Price 3
Description: RELEASED ON 9/22 – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! The fifth album by these Medway maestros – “the best kept secret in show business” - and the last great English power-pop-trio. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Glenn Page is still putting the world to rights, and along with cohorts Steve Huggins on bass, and Neil Fromow on drums, taki ... read more »

Price: $13.00
Artist: The Mike Benign Compulsion
Description: Melodic, well-crafted, driving alt guitar pop that rocks. Band members Mike Benign, Joe Vent, Paul Biemann and Mike Koch are veterans of acclaimed Milwaukee-based acts like Blue in The Face, The Yell Leaders, Arms & Legs & Feet and The Joker’s Henchmen. “Three years have past since ‘Here’s How It Works’, a collection of sa ... read more »

Turtle Soup (Expanded)
Price: $19.00
Artist: The Mock Turtles
Description: Digitally remastered and expanded 2CD edition. Formed in Middleton, north Manchester in 1985, The Mock Turtles evolved out of the band Judge Happiness to become key figures on the local indie scene before eventually scoring chart success with the hits 'Can You Dig It?' and 'And Then She Smiles', at the height of the so-call ... read more »

Vol. 4 - "Go Away" b/w "Just A Dream" (CD + vinyl 7")
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Pengwins
Description: EN ROUTE – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! The fourth installment of The Pengwins’ “album’s plus worth of singles” has just arrived! And a fine one it is! “Those power poppin’ Pengwins boys from down Texas way have been doing that thing they do for damn near 40 years now, and on their latest boxed set they go digging through thei ... read more »

Purity Of Essence: The American Edition
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Rumour
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 5. AFTER SEPTEMBER 5, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. In 1980, The Rumour recorded their third and last album in two different versions. The UK version has been available for some time on CD, but the U ... read more »

Sweet Tooth
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Singles
Description: EN ROUTE – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! Their fourth album is aptly titled “Sweet Tooth.” The follow-up to 2014’s infectious “Look How Fast A Heart Can Break” is an update of 60’s/70’s power-pop that had its roots in early rock ’n’ roll and wormed its way into hearts with big, crunchy chords. In short, a record that guitar kids ... read more »

Wide-Eyed & Headless
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Trypt Up
Description: This is a release that Diz at Detour Records has wanted to do personally for a long time as their single on Detour is still one of his personal favorite releases to ever grace the label. As soon as he first heard the demo that the band sent, he instantly fell in love with it – not wanting the band to do anything with it at ... read more »

Live at Daryl’s House Club Vol. 1
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Weeklings
Description: EN ROUTE – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW!! Recorded in January of 2017 at Daryl Hall’s renowned venue located in Pawling, NY, this disc find the scratchin’ ‘n clawin’, Mersey-beatin’, shimmy shakin’, Beatle-bootin’ outfit in ultra-fab form as they energetically tear (reverently) through this career-spanning, gear set of tunes by th ... read more »

Tally Ho!
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Woggles
Description: Congrats to The Woggles who are celebrating their 30th year as a band this Fall! Not many bands can claim that milestone. The Athens, Georgia-incubated band have been steadily flying the flag for raucous, ripping garage rock while the winds of musical change have whipped all around them, and have been shaking venue's raft ... read more »

Price: $8.00
Artist: Thrift Store Halo
Description: They’re baack! American Indie Alt-Power-Pop-Rock trio Thrift Store Halo hails from Chicago, creating polished, modern, hook-heavy, crunchy pop-rock that has a way of getting stuck in your head! They released an eponymous cassette EP, in April 1996, and one full-length album, "World Gone Mad" in 1998. Despite excellent pr ... read more »

Cold Gas Giants
Price: $14.00
Artist: Trip Wire
Description: The third full-length release (and Kool Kat label debut) from San Francisco based four-piece Trip Wire, finds the band veering headlong toward the upbeat, harmony-drenched sounds of their debut (2015's “Get In & Get Out”) after a brief flirtation with melancholy and experimentation on 2016’s “Seizureville”. Through several ... read more »

Ugly Things Magazine – Issue #45
Price: $10.00
Artist: Ugly Things Magazine – Issue #45
Description: On the cover: Q65, THE OUTSIDERS and the Dutch Beat Revolution, the stories of two legendary, rebellious bands from the Netherlands in the 1960s. Part 2 of THE UNIQUES – blue-eyed garage and soul from America’s South. Plus THE LEFT BANKE, Texas ‘60s icons NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS, occult rocker GEOF CROZIER, German freakbea ... read more »

Le Beat Bespoke 7
Price: $17.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: The latest installment of this very kool, Rob Bailey a/k/a DR. Robert (New Untouchables)-curated series features rare underground dancefloor fillers from the New Untouchables club scene with bespoke artwork from Pip! Pip! On this collection are current hits from Dr Robert’s DJ set as well as some new discoveries and forgot ... read more »

Dana & Carl Present: This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio Volume 4
Price: $15.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: NEW RELEASE ON THE KOOL KAT MUSIK LABEL! We’re thrilled once again to be involved with Dana and Carl and to be able to present the latest volume of “This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio”! With that, we’re gonna hand the mic to one of the show’s co-hosts, Carl Cafarelli, who sums it up best! “Me? Badfinger,man. I owe it all to Bad ... read more »

Holding Hands Under A Cloudless Sky: A Tribute To The Television Personalities Volume 4 + bonus disc
Price: $15.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: People said it couldn’t happen here, but it did. They said Wally Salem and his Beautiful Music label could never pull it off, but here it is the 4th volume of the Television Personalities tribute series “Holding Hands Under a Cloudless Sky”! Eight years in the making and a long overdue release with all your favorite (and s ... read more »

International Pop Overthrow Vol. 20 (3CD)
Price: $18.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: The latest installment of this long-running, bang for your buck, David Bash-curated series is here. And, as has become custom, you get three discs (a whopping 66 tracks) of music (some exclusive to this release) from both new and established artists/bands that have graced the worldwide stages of IPO. Artist listing: The T ... read more »

Not The Knack (2CD)
Price: $15.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: Very kool 2CD set featuring 32 bands/artists from around the globe paying tribute to the first three Knack albums! Participating are some very familiar, some not-so-familiar, and some unknown-until-now artists: Nine Times Blue, True Stories, Irene Pena, Sparkle*jets UK, Stephen Lawrenson, The Hounds Of Winter, The Five Fac ... read more »

Piss & Vinegar: The Songs Of Graham Parker
Price: $13.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY SEPTEMBER 5. AFTER SEPTEMBER 5, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. “Piss & Vinegar: The Songs of Graham Parker” was originally released by Buy or Die Records in 1996. It’s now back in print, with new notes by Gra ... read more »