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Blisters And Thorns
Price: $11.00
Artist: Andy Bopp
Description: Baltimore pop legend Andy Bopp is no stranger to rock and roll, whether as a solo artist or in his bands: Love Nut, Myracle Brah, The Modern Ruins and The Bleaker Street Cowboys. “Blisters and Thorns”, Andy ‘s first ”official” solo released under his own name features all new material, and stands as one of the best albums of a journeyman’s career. The album is as catchy as his masterpiece, Myracle Brah’s “Life on Planet Eartsnop”. What sets this album apart from ”Eartsnop”’s brilliant power pop is the seamless blending of genres, such as Americana and power pop, creating a gorgeous, cohesive rock and roll album with lyrics that range from darkly introspective to deeply analytical. “This may just be Andy’s finest hour since the halcyon days of Myracle Brah in the late 90’s. His ample songwriting skills are on display all over the place, and the sad and lovely ‘Hello’ (colored, as are a few other songs here, by lovely steel guitar shadings), the galloping ‘Broken Ties’ and the rockin’, mid-tempo ‘Barely Hanging On’ are among his best-ever compositions and should appeal to longtime fans. Other tunes are somewhat more atmospheric, but still showcase his unerring way with a melody. Nice.” – John Borack/Goldmine Magazine “This album feels more like a Myracle Brah album, but more importantly it is as good as any in that band's discography. The riffs are there, plus there's a mix of style, pedal steel, banjo and of course those Rickenbacker riffs. Most of important, he still has one of the great pop voices. A voice that's so easy on the ear. This is ace Pop, but there's plenty of variation. The Roy Orbison like ‘Simple Thing’ has a banjo intro, the Beatle-esque ‘Broken Tie’ starts with a lovely jangly Rickenbacker riff yet has a steel guitar solo. The haunting ‘Limousine’, the psych pop of ‘Grey Matter’, the bass line driven ‘Red Eye’, all add to the variation. ‘Broken Highway’ is a real weep along, ‘Minneapolis’ is chorus led with a wonderful solo. ‘Hello’ is magnificent, but the stand out is the orchestrated acoustic joy of ‘Maybe, Just Maybe’ that just breaks out into an awesome solo. Andy Bopp is as relevant as two decades ago and he's produced a pop masterpiece to be proud of.” – IDontHearASingle.com Very Marshall Crenshaw/Paul Westerberg/Replacements-like throughout! GREAT!!! ... read more »
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Arvidson & Butterflies
Price: $14.00
Artist: Arvidson & Butterflies
Description: JANGLE ALERT!! WOW!! A HUGE thanks To Wayne” The Ice Cream Man” Ford (who co-wrote a couple of the songs) for bringing this fabulous record to us! Roger Arvidson has been a stalwart of the Gothenburg, Sweden music scene for many years, playing in bands such as the Remains and Sonic Walthers before going solo under the name Arvidson. His critically acclaimed, self-titled solo debut came out in 2001 on German label Firestation Records. Arvidson & Butterflies , is the newest vehicle for Roger’s songs, and he’s backed by some of finest musicians from the Gothenburg music scene. “Feel good pop songs seem to come easy to Roger...crisp, clean melodies, bright jangling guitars, effortless vocals....all mixed together to create what can only be described as perfect pop songs...it only takes the first ten seconds of the intro to ‘Tired Of Running’ to know that these feel good songs are foot tappers from the start. With hints of the swinging 60’s and nods towards an upbeat Tom Petty, 2 and a half minutes of listening pleasure are guaranteed track by track. No need to fill four minutes with pointless solos, just catchy hooks and clever breaks as in ‘Butterflies’ keep the balance of time and sound just right. The more introspective ‘Say That’ just proves that he is more than just the power pop card player.., it takes more to pull off a slow tune than a quick 4:4 pop song and on this evidence there's every indication that either formula comes naturally. There are the obvious influences to be heard from the Beatles to the Beach Boys to the early jangle of REM but at the end of the day all the tracks have their own identity. So who cares if he takes inspiration from somewhere - who doesn’t? The fact that the finest examples of the pop song can be heard on this selection of tracks is all one needs to know.” - John Dillam "Brimming with really good songs in a tradition of pop that I love! So retro and up to date at the same time!” - Mats Westling “Glimmering classy, jangly power pop with pinches of Byrds, Teenage Fanclub, and Paul Weller throughout that featuring strong harmonies and strumming guitars. Spiced with great melodies , just as good as lemonade on a hot summers day”- Kai Martin “Roger Arvidson’s got 100 percent irresistible power pop brilliance right up there with the three B’s and stuff like Alex Chilton, Byrds, Undertones and The Who.” – LP Anderson/Bear Family Records "Love it, ‘Will Follow’ sounds wonderfully atmospheric! Layer-upon-layer of melodic loveliness! Kudos! And ‘Lights Go Out’ lights me up! Reminiscent of Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour.” - Butch Young "Man, I love these beautiful short snappy and emotional pop tunes. Sweet music to greet summer, love and life to. Dig em´!" - Kenneth Tonef A lot of this record reminds us of Sire-period Searchers – a GREAT thing for sure! GREAT!! ... read more »
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Brighter Day: A Jellyfish Story
Price: $30.00
Artist: Brighter Day: A Jellyfish Story
Description: Written by the New York Times best selling author Craig Dorfman, this book takes us inside the 90’s least appreciated (by the masses), but most appreciated (by power pop fans the world over), and most misunderstood band. Andy Sturmer and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. Met as teenagers in the fall of 1980. Less than fifteen years later, the two of them had won jazz contests, written commercial jingles, become pen pals, joined a band with a San Francisco new wave icon, formed their own group, sparked a major label bidding war, recorded two critically acclaimed records, toured the world (twice), worked with a legendary producer, and backed a Beatle! In 1994 they agreed that their musical partnership, as well as their friendship, was over. They shook hands, wished each other well, and left. They have not spoken since. In the years that followed Jellyfish’s breakup, the band’s legacy grew. Fans devoted hours to analyzing every note of their two records. Power pop bands around the world worked to recreate their sound. Not Lame’s 2002 box xet “Fan Club” sold out three pressings – more thyan 8,000 units, in six months! Radio mainstays including Rooney, fun., The Darkness, and Drake Bell have all cited them as an influence. Beck’s touring band includes two ex-Jellyfish members (Roger Manning and Jason Falkner). And through it all, music lovers have wondered what drove Roger and Andy apart, and if they’d ever reunite. Drawing from dozens of interviews with all of the major – and many minor – characters in the Jellyfish story to create one seamless master narrative, “Brighter Day: A Jellyfish Story” follows the course of that friendship from its earliest days in Pleasanton, CA through the two decades of silence in search of the answer to the nagging fan question “Why, oh why, isn’t there more Jellyfish music?” GREAT!! ... read more »
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Brighter Day: A Jellyfish Story
Price: $40.00
Artist: Brighter Day: A Jellyfish Story
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The Buca Bus + bonus EP
Price: $20.00
Artist: Caper Clowns
Description: WOW!! Kudos to Pure Pop Radio’s Alan Haber for hipping us to this totally brilliant and fab pop outfit outta Denmark! “Odense is the third-largest city in Denmark, which is important should you or I be traveling to that country with the desire to visit its largest cities. Another reason to visit Odense would be to soak up the atmosphere that undoubtedly inspired this talented quartet to craft this wonderful melodic pop collection. The highlights are too numerous to mention in toto, but here are a few favorites: ‘A Tale of Romance and Magnetic Trains,’ a pure pop delight of the toe-tapping variety; ‘Mirror Me,’ an uptempo driver which wouldn’t be out of place on a Deacon Blue album; ‘Sleeping on the Edge of the Rainbow,’ a beautiful burst of charming balladry, and ‘The Significance of Teacups,’ wholly McCartney-esque (and ELO-esque with a Brian May-type guitar solo) – an earworm that simply won’t let go. Lovely melodies and harmonies and, well, everything, await your ears. Take a well-deserved bow, Rick Kingo, Peter Højgaard, Christian Højgaard and Skipper Storm; you’ve made one of this year’s most assured collections of musical treasures.” – Alan Haber/PurePopRadio.com Spot on, Alan! We’re absolutely certain that if more people heard Caper Clowns in 2016, “The Buca Bus” would be high atop a lot of their “Best Of” lists! COMES WITH A COPY OF THEIR EQUALLY BRILLIANT “TYPE YOUR TEXT HERE” DEBUT EP WHICH CONTAINS 5 TRACKS NOT FOUND ON “THE BUCA BUS” CD! Can’t say enough about these guys! Thanks again, Alan! GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away
Price: $17.00
Artist: Erik Voeks
Description: WOW!!! Though he only just released a few singles (on legendary indie labels Bus Stop & Parasol), and the classic 1993 album "Sandbox" (recorded with a cast of friends that included Adam Schmitt, Patrick Hawley, Jay Bennett, Steve Scariano and Nick Rudd), Erik Voeks' music has resonated deep with a small but dedicated group of power pop aficionados throughout the world. "Lost treasure", "hidden gem" are expressions often used to describe "Sandbox". For years Erik kept a low profile, but he never gave up music recording home demos, playing with a few friends as The Octopus Frontier, or even touring in the U.S. and Europe with Jon Dee Graham. In late 2012 Spring Records released on vinyl a 4-song EP titled "Free Range", that received rave reviews. Since then Erik has kept himself busy putting out more new recordings through his Bandcamp page, playing shows and touring Spain a couple of times. "So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away" gathers a series of digital only singles Erik released monthly (from April to September 2016), plus two new recordings. The result? Thirteen new songs of pure unadultered POP. Every bit as good as good, if not better, as his much remembered and revered "Sandbox". THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE, STONE-COLD MUST FOR EVERYONE WHO LOVES FIRST-RATE, GREAT POP!! GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Trust Your Instincts
Price: $15.00
Artist: Nick Piunti
Description: Following 2015's "Beyond the Static" and 2013's "13 in My Head", "Trust Your Instincts" includes Nick's strongest and most personal songs to date. Featuring assistance from three pretty good pop artists in their own right - Ryan Allen (guitar/backing vocals) Andy Reed (bass/synth) and Donny Brown (drums/backing vocals). “A photo on the CD shows Nick and live cohorts- Allen , Brown, and Reed – on stage, tending to their positions, strumming, plucking and pounding. You get the sense that the room they are playing in is shaking, or humming with at least the fury of the mighty Thor. Just moments into the title song, you know your sense is spot on. The electric guitars rage and Brown’s drums power up with Keith Moon-like intensity, and Nick’s vocals, committed and assured, take hold of the proceedings. If you close your eyes, you can imagine this song blowing through a packed house, raising the collective blood pressure of the people populating the dance floor. This is how the entire record rolls: Lots of guitars, bass, and drums played by the core band, with only a touch of guest accompaniment–pedal steel from David Feeny and a harmony vocal from Rachael Davis on ‘Dumb It Down’– added to the mix. This is the engine that powers these songs that fuel the intensity of Nick’s vision. This is the mix that makes these songs sing. The songs take hold with emotion-filled spirit. ‘One Hit Wonder,’ the album’s big, splashy, hit bound pure pop song, is perhaps the clear winner in an album full of them; the lyrics, always a high point of a Nick Piunti collection, are especially clever and vibrant, and the melody is designed to never wear out its welcome. Decades since first strapping on a guitar at age 12, the Michigan musician is trusting his instincts and has consequently turned in one of the best albums of the year. Guitars, bass and drums indeed...and 10 pretty great songs. Nick’s latest has it all.” – Alan Haber/PurePopRadio.com GREAT!! ... read more »
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To Try For The Sun
Price: $18.00
Artist: Starry Eyed & Laughing
Description: Brand new archival release from this Byrds-inspired UK group! All 20 tracks here except one – “Echoes” which - have never been released or heard before. Here’s the breakdown of the tracks on the CD: 6 previously unreleased songs (5 covers - 3 from the earliest days of the group and 2 favorites from the live sets - plus one original song) and 14 alternate recordings of songs from the group’s two CBS albums. Previously unreleased songs: “To Try ForThe Sun” (Donovan), “Old Compton Street Blues” (Al Stewart), “Echoes” (Gene Clark – this song appeared on the B-side of the very limited edition, 2015 7” vinyl single on Shagrat Records (100 copies - sold out)) and “Sea Comes At Its Edges” (Poole), “When You Walk In The Room” (Jackie DeShannon/Searchers) and “For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield) are live recordings from a 1974 Capital Radio session. The details on the previously unreleased alternate recordings of songs from the 2 CBS albums “Lady Came From The South” is a very early demo recorded by Steve Hall at his Maplewood Studios - featuring Tony Poole and Ross, with Steve on Bass and Percussion. “Closer To You Now ?” is a track recorded for Southern Music, and features Nick Brown on Drums. “Money Is No Friend Of Mine”, “Going Down”, “Oh What ?”, “Everybody” and “50/50 (Better Stop Now)” are CBS recordings prior to sessions for their first album. “Nobody Home”, “Down The Street”, “Fools’ Gold”, “Thought Talk”, “Don’t Give Me A Hard Time”, “Good Love” and “Flames In The Rain” are studio recordings from various radio sessions. Tony Poole explains “I originally wasn't that keen to have alternate versions of songs from the albums, but while mastering the songs I actually realized I preferred some of them to the album tracks!” We’re glad you did Tony! GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Tales Of The Unexpected
Price: $17.00
Artist: The Fast Camels
Description: SYD BARRETT/ARTHUR LEE/LOVE ALERT! WOW!! We have been bestowed with - a psych/pop/garage/jangle pop - ABSOLUTE GEM ! “They continue their fuzz-thrilled heavy psych odyssey. There’s less emphasis on Freakbeat here, the music is more a hazy jangled mix of British Beat and late 60’s post-psychedelic rock, the influences at play on this that recall The Pretty Things, The Byrds and The Who – especially their ‘Odds And Sods’ collection, and on the song ‘Chicken B.O.’ a touch of ‘I’m A Boy’. At their most mellow and melodic they do however sound like an abrasive Kaiser Chiefs and Ocean Colour Scene. Using modern colloquies, the band describe a diorama of foibles and quandaries with a certain wry humour, and are often accompanied by a spiraling vortex of guitar, tambourine and a purposeful boom bap backbeat, the band has two distinct gears. The first is a more beefed-up fanfare form of revival rock and maximum R&B, as heard on the opening title track, the other a more ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’ turn of metaphorical hallucinations, as on ‘Madame Matron’. Running throughout are references to time; whether it’s the sad mournful tale of the protagonist in ‘Dead Celebs’ – given a golden watch to notify not so much a well-earned rest but to lay him in the ground – or the analogy rich psychedelic ‘The Watchmaker’, there are countless markers to the passing of it. You get the feeling the band are themselves out-of-step with it. In these increasingly automated, synthesized times, they have chosen to get physical, both playfully and intensely. And that’s what this is, a real physical, fuzz-pedal set of knockabout psychedelic rock; lyrically chiming with such wry observers of life as Ray Davis.” - MonlithCocktail.com COMES WITH A FREE BONUS DISC – THE SINGLE FOR “KEEP THE NOISE DOWN MATILDA” WHICH CONTAINS THE VERY KOOL, EXCLUSIVE B-SIDE “THE CAMELS TOOK HIS LIFE”! GREAT!!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Edge Of A Dream
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Jangle Band
Description: The Jangle Band was meant to exist for one weekend in Perth. The final chords from the RTR’s In The Pines Festival set in April 2015 were still ringing when it was decided it was not the end but only the beginning. A mere two months later they became a franchise not a band, with multiple live line-ups on both sides of Australia. A debut single was released and a small independent label from Alicante Spain, Pretty Olivia Records, wanted more. Before the close of the year a 10 track album had been recorded coast to coast and the "Edge Of A Dream" LP was released in April of 2016. The essence of the Jangle Band remains a celebration of the songs and the sounds of Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman, alumni from the great Perth pop movement of the 80's & 90s - The Palisades, Mars Bastards, The Rainyard and Header. At the front row of many of those gigs was a cocky Joe Algeri who was soon inspired to jump on stage himself (Jack & The Beanstalk, The Britannicas and the JAC). Jeff and Ian enlisted Joe as the first Jangler. Joe quickly called his own band mates Mark 'Sid' Eaton and Dave Wallace (formerly Sensitive Drunks and now City Views) to jump aboard. As the recording unit, there are four song-writers and it's a melodic and harmonic five lane freeway out of dullsville; think the sound of The Byrds, the wit of The Kinks and the sentimental heart of The Triffids. Self-recorded by the band and mixed and produced by Joe, the Spanish press have already described the tracks on “Edge Of A Dream” as “10 jewels by Australia's pop dream team”. “In the triumvirate of power pop influences (Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys) not enough love goes out to the pioneers of jangle-pop The Byrds, and its creators Roger McGuinn and Gene Clark. The musical style is so distinct, that few can master its 12 string Rickenbacker magic effectively. This is where The Jangle Band excels as they deliver shimmering melodies and raga-infused jams. Opening with ‘282’ it’s more of Beatle-y beginning with a nice trumpet solo after the chorus. ‘Love You Too’ has those familiar jangling chords and layered harmonies that can take you back to 1968. Algeri gets into the act with ‘Kill The Lovers’ adding a great hook in a song about renewing a relationships spark. The Barker/Freeman songs have a tinge of sadness, especially ‘Perth’ where the singer is frustrated that he’ll ‘never leave this town,’ and feeling ‘out of time.’ ‘Another Light’, another gem, reassures the girl that he’ll remain faithful. Overall this entertaining set will appeal to jangle pop fans, and without a doubt The Jangle Band lives up to its name.” – Powerpopaholic.com With the vinyl version now sold out, Off The Hip Records has joined forces with Joe’s Egomaniac Music label for a CD re-release that includes 5 bonus mixes. GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none


Fragments & Curiousities – The 4Track Sessions + bonus disc
Price: $12.00
Artist: Armstrong
Description: Armstrong’s (aka Julian Pitt) new album, “Fragments & Curiosities”, is Julian’s third long player. Armstrong is one of those mysterious and elusive bands that stays well beneath the surface (just try and find any information on-line), but anyone willing to dive a bit deeper is richly rewarded with pearls of great value and ... read more »

The Complete Columbia Recordings (2CD)
Price: $24.00
Artist: Artful Dodger
Description: Artful Dodger was a band ahead of its time, casting hard-edged hooks into a mid-70’s pond that wasn't quite ready to bite on the genre that came to be known as power pop. Had they come along a few years later, things might have been quite different for this outfit hailing from Fairfax, VA, for their three albums for the Col ... read more »

Anything Could Happen
Price: $14.00
Artist: Bash & Pop
Description: Bash & Pop was formed in 1992 by former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson in Minneapolis, MN, following the breakup of the Replacements. “Anything Could Happen” is the long-awaited follow-up to the band's brilliant (the best Faces record never made) 1993 debut, “Friday Night Is Killing Me”. The band split a year later. ... read more »

Exorcism Rock
Price: $13.00
Artist: Berwanger
Description: Josh Berwanger’s latest was ostensibly recorded in a marathon weeklong session fueled by equal parts red wine and tequila. It revolves around a familiar Berwanger theme, the evil that femmes fatales do. “The opening title track, a backbeat number is heavily steeped the hallowed tradition of Badfinger and Cheap Trick. A r ... read more »

Anna Kournikova
Price: $10.00
Artist: binge
Description: JOHN MACOM ALERT! Their third release from 2002 was featured on VH1's "Awesomely Oversexed" and the "Anna Kournikova" E! True Hollywood Story! The only band to successfully rhyme "hemline" and "Kremlin" (krem-o-line), their single "Anna Kournikova" is a fun pop rock tune about wanting to be tennis star Anna's ball boy. T ... read more »

Swimsuit Issue
Price: $10.00
Artist: binge
Description: JOHN MACOM ALERT! binge was John’s power pop vehicle prior to going solo. “Swimsuit Edition” is the band’s sophomore effort from 1999 containing smashed up pop rock songs with melodic catchy hooks (like Fastball, The Gin Blossoms, and Fountains of Wayne). According to US Magazine, Binge was Paris Hilton's favorite band i ... read more »

The New High
Price: $16.50
Artist: Brent Cash
Description: Brent Cash is back! After a five-year-long hiatus, the multi-instrumentalist from Athens, GA returns with his third and probably best album yet. Continuing the tradition of his previous, widely celebrated albums “How Will I Know If I'm Awake” (2008) and “How Strange It Seems” (2011), he once again enters melody wonderlan ... read more »

Writer's Block
Price: $11.00
Artist: Brian Jay Cline
Description: According to Mr. Cline, “Writer ‘s Block” will be his final release! Say it ain’t so Brian, say it ain’t so! “One of the most underrated artists I can think of, Brian Jay Cline can seamlessly move from power pop to country, rock, folk and back again. This is easily his most well-rounded release. ‘Bomb Threats’ is a so ... read more »

Shot Through The Heart
Price: $11.00
Artist: Bullet Proof Lovers
Description: Kurt Baker alert! The hardest working man in Pop is back (again)! Bullet Proof Lovers bleed, sweat, and shred big hooks, loud guitars, a thundering rhythm section, and pop sensibility, ravaged with elements of Fred "Sonic" Smith, Primal Scream, The Hellacopters, and The Hives! And we’re happy to report that this, their f ... read more »

The Indicator EP
Price: $8.00
Artist: Dave Rave and The Governors
Description: The fourth release from Canadian legend Dave Rave and his Minnesota band The Governors. It was written and recorded over three days at bandmate Rich Mattson’s Sparta Studio in the summer of 2016 while the band was promoting the release of their third full length "Radio Rave". Dave explains, "After the session I felt that ... read more »

The End and The Beginning 1990-2009 (2CD)
Price: $12.00
Artist: George Usher
Description: A terrific 2CD, 43-song collection that draws from all nine of George Usher’s releases. George has been a fixture on the NY scene since the early 80’s, when his power pop band, The Decoys, were mainstays of the CBGB/Village clubs. While serving stints with local legends, Beat Rodeo, the Bongos, and The Schramms, he formed ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Glenn Robinson
Description: When it comes to Glenn, less is most definitely more. His songwriting approach is quite simple: Get in, get out, leave the short, sharp hooks hanging in your head, and it’s next song up! Features a guest appearance from Kurt Baker who sings lead on “Betamaximum Sentence”! “Glenn’s ‘Modern Mistakes’ (2013) is an undergrou ... read more »

Turn It Up!
Price: $11.00
Artist: GreenCircles
Description: A KOOL KAT EXCLUSIVE FROM 2015!! Not to be confused the Australian garage rockers The Green Circles, No, No, No. THIS GreenCircles is a lean, mean, one-man DIY-garage/psych/guitar 'n sitar totin' pop wrecking machine - Brit Paul McGill! The "band" name comes from a Small Faces song. His music is a blend of 60's psych an ... read more »

Universal Vagrant
Price: $16.00
Artist: Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost
Description: After a career lasting close to four decades, it was only two years ago when Greg Prevost decided to launch his first solo record - the celebrated "Mississippi Murderer”, an album where Delta blues and high-energy rock and roll were combined in a masterful mix heavily influenced by the likes of the Stones, the Yardbirds and ... read more »

Sad Scientist
Price: $12.00
Artist: Gretchen's Wheel
Description: Gretchen’s Wheel is the solo project of Nashville-based singer, songwriter and musician Lindsay Murray. Inspired by 90's alternative rock and power pop, her music is lush, melodic and atmospheric pop/rock with compelling songwriting. Just beneath the glistening power pop surface of the stunning new release lies a univer ... read more »

Heath Green and The Makeshifters
Price: $15.00
Artist: Heath Green and The Makeshifters
Description: Heath Green’s a singer, a veteran of the Birmingham, AL music scene, with a grittiness who carries the Eddie Hinton (who we love) mantle as much as any other living person does. The Makeshifters’ heavy sound has been compared to Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Humble Pie, Paul Rodgers, and Joe Cocker (all good things ... read more »

Unforeseen Circumstances + bonus disc
Price: $13.00
Artist: John Macom
Description: John Macom is an internationally known singer-songwriter and producer from Hoboken, NJ. In the past, his songs have been featured on television shows such as “Dawson’s Creek”, “Felicity”, “Party of Five”, and other teen dramas. His first album with pop-rock band Binge, “Ghost of Girlfriends Past”, received a 5-star Rolling ... read more »

Present The Dark Side
Price: $15.00
Artist: Keb Darge and Cut Chemist
Description: Keb Darge and Cut Chemist join forces once again, this time to explore the “Dark Side” of 60’s garage music heavily influenced by British bands of the day like The Beatles, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones. Simple drum kits, guitars and the occasional organ keep the sound honest and raw, retaining a palpable sense of excite ... read more »

Price: $16.00
Artist: Little Murders
Description: Beginning as a new wave punk band in 1979 who went on to become kings of the Melbourne Mod scene before dissolving in 1985 after playing possibly every gig and pub in Melbourne at the time. Their first album Stop was released posthumously on Au Go Go records. Ten years after that saw Little Murders return with 3 albums on S ... read more »

The Loblaws & Vista Blue
Price: $8.00
Artist: The Loblaws & Vista Blue
Description: WYATT FUNDERBURK ALERT!! The Loblaws were one of the best pop-punk bands around circa the late 2000’s (the previously unreleased "Banana Stand", included here, is a lost classic of the genre). Wyatt Funderburk was in the band, and he has songwriting credits on three of these tracks. While this release is technically a sp ... read more »

Cumulus + bonus disc
Price: $16.00
Artist: Mark & The Clouds
Description: WOW!! Their sophomore outing is another fine collection of 60’s-tinged power pop that also leans towards psych pop. “A terrific set of new songs of yearning, lusting, failed relationships, and anger that are a mixture of upbeat music, garage-pop-psych ballads, and rock. There some interesting touch points as well. ‘Hit By ... read more »

Suspended In This Space
Price: $14.00
Artist: Michael Roberts
Description: When not fronting The Somethings, Michael Roberts is a singer/songwriter from Swansea, Wales. He started playing drums and guitar from a young age and joined his first band when he was 15. Highly influenced by The Beatles, Marc Bolan and early Queen, he started writing his first songs when he was 16. Blending elements of ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: Michael Ubaldini
Description: A long-time purveyor of roots pop at its finest, music journalists and his fans lovingly refer to Michael Ubaldini as “The Rock n Roll Poet”. His releases are all award winners in the USA and Europe. He has been featured at The Bluebird Cafe the top venue for singer songwriters in Nashville TN seven times in the last eig ... read more »

On Our Way Home
Price: $17.00
Artist: Mortimer
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 22. AFTER MARCH 22, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Mortimer were a harmony-filled, soft rock trio from New York State who evolved out of a later incarnation of the Teddy Boys. The Teddy Boys recorded a ... read more »

The Secret Art Of Saying Nothing
Price: $10.00
Artist: Mothboxer
Description: The long overdue follow up to 2014’s “Sand And The Rain” from these British popsters of the highest order is finally here, and already being hailed as a corker (we’re not surprised), and perhaps their best yet! “We all have bands that we are fans of and have trouble understanding why they are not multi-million sellers. We ... read more »

Blowing Your Mind Away
Price: $23.00
Artist: Paul Orwell
Description: WOW!!!!! We’re thrilled to finally able to bring you music from Paul Orwell, a singer/songwriter from Essex, England who possesses a unique talent in his ability to create the music, attitude and ambience of the mid-60's Beat period with an assuring knowledge of his place in today's society. With an extensive record colle ... read more »

Devil Love
Price: $10.00
Artist: Peter Buzzelle and The Academy
Description: Peter Buzzelle is a singer/songwriter that can best be described as a devotee to guitar-centered Power Pop in the tradition of Big Star, The Posies, and The Shins. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find additional layers that demonstrate a keen sense of song craft featuring a dichotomy of joy and melancholy mixed int ... read more »

Four State Solution
Price: $12.00
Artist: Pop Co-Op
Description: WOW!! Pop Co-Op are: Steve Stoeckel (Spongetones- bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals); Bruce Gordon (Mr. Encrypto - guitars, keyboards, vocals); Stacy Carson (drums/percussion, guitars, keyboards, vocals); and Joel Tinnel (guitars, vocals). Their debut came together as a result of Spongetones bassist Steve Stoeckel inviting ... read more »

The Voice Of Summer
Price: $13.00
Artist: Psychotic Youth
Description: NOW AVAILABLE ON CD! Sweden's legendary power-pop-surf-punk heroes are back with their first album in 19 years! Filled with super catchy guitar-driven, high energy power-pop, surf and garage-punk as well as their well-known sugary multi-layered vocal harmonies that would even make the Beach Boys jealous, this album will b ... read more »

Thinking Inside The Box (4CD)
Price: $27.00
Artist: Radio Stars
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 22. AFTER MARCH 22, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Radio Stars were formed by Blue Meanies/Sparks exile Martin Gordon (bass, songwriter), ex-John's Children (a band that contained the late Marc Bolan for ... read more »

New Love Environment
Price: $12.00
Artist: Rob Martinez
Description: WOW!! Better late than never, one wonders where singer-songwriter Rob Martinez has been hiding his melodic gifts all these years. After a stint in various L.A. bands in the 80’s and 90’s, he returned to his native Albuquerque, NM and actually carved out a niche as a respected historian. And it's quite clear from one list ... read more »

Save The Pieces
Price: $7.00
Artist: Run To Sandy
Description: The third effort from Yardley, PA's Run To Sandy (affectionately known as RTS to their loyal fanbase) who write songs “about everyday life reflected through our power-pop prism”. The band was formed from the smoldering ashes of several post-punk, neo-corporate professional existences (day jobs), rising like a Phoenix over ... read more »

Rusty Anderson Afternoon
Price: $12.00
Artist: Rusty Anderson Afternoon
Description: Rusty Anderson is probably best known as the lead guitarist for Sir Paul McCartney, but the man has also been responsible for some pretty fine, under-the-radar solo outings over the years. Joining with his longtime collaborator, Todd O'Keefe, Anderson formed his new band Rusty Anderson Afternoon in 2013. O’Keefe is a Los ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Sam Vicari
Description: The brand new, senior-year, this-is-a-game-to-me album from Sam who provides an always-welcome new dose of sweet hooks and ripped guitars. “For anyone who listens to the entire Big Star/Dwight Twilley /Badfinger catalogs every day/week with a religious like fervor and conviction, Sam Vicari is for you. Sam works with only ... read more »

PM Songs
Price: $16.00
Artist: Shennon and Lotton
Description: BEATLES ALERT!! WOW!! The brilliant debut of a project led by guitarist, vocalist (with a strong John Lennon-esque voice) and composer Pepe Murgadas, is a delicious collection of pop songs extremely deeply rooted in the music of the Beatles and 60’s pop in general. Great melodies interpreted with conviction and absolut ... read more »

Shindig! Magazine - Issue #65
Price: $13.00
Artist: Shindig! Magazine - Issue #65
Description: Traffic are this issue’s cover boys: Getting it together in the country and redefining British rock music. Part one of an in-depth study. Other features include: Dave Mason: Traffic’s on-off co-founder speaks. Hong Kong Phooey: Kung fu films and ghetto culture! Curtis Mayfield: The superstar solo years and beyond. De De ... read more »

Price: $14.00
Artist: Temples
Description: “Volcano” is Temple's first new music since the release of their 2014 debut album, “Sun Structures”. The record comes on the heels of a sold out North American tour that included high profile TV and radio appearances. The band was initially formed as a home studio project in mid-2012. Tom Warmsley and James Bagshaw had k ... read more »

Incidental Lightshow
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Armoires
Description: The first thing that strikes you about The Armoires is their sound: co-ed harmonies, sparkling 12-string guitars and piano, a plaintive viola weaving through every tune, and the urgent drive of the rhythm section. “The songs are stories,” explains guitarist Rex Broome. “Whether they’re dreamlike or straightforward, they alw ... read more »

Ticking Time Bomb b/w Broken Moon
Price: $7.50
Artist: The Asteroid No. 4
Description: VINYL 7”-ONLY RELEASE! In some ways a return to a similar overall mood as their “These Flowers of Ours: A Treasury of Witchcraft and Devilry” album from the late 00's, the Asteroid No.4 is in fine form here on their latest release! These long-standing psych veterans lay down a heady psych groover on the A-side that in som ... read more »

How I Learned To Stop Worrying – 20th Anniversary Edition + bonus tracks
Price: $20.00
Artist: The Beatifics

No School Blazers
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Boss
Description: EN ROUTE! In 1984, The Boss was formed when old school pals Marc Myers and Ian Walton had a chance meeting in a pub in East London, with Danny McAllister and Rob Ridley. What’s the likelyhood of a singer/songwriter and his bassist friend meeting a guitarist and his drummer pal purely by chance in a boozer and discovering ... read more »

All Anxious, All The Time
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Cheap Cassettes
Description: The Cheap Cassettes are a rock and roll band from Seattle. They formed out of the ashes of another band, Boston's Dimestore Haloes. The Haloes thrived during the mid to late 90's punk explosion, and were very much disciples of the Clash. After releasing four full length records and multiple singles, as well as sharing sta ... read more »

Just For Fun
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Connection
Description: Hitting their home studio as 2016 came to a close, Brad Marino, Geoff Palmer and the boys in the band, including a slew of special guest veterans from the hey day when pop punk ruled the fanzines, record shelves, and airwaves, featuring Chris “B-Face” Barnard on bass (The Queers/Groovie Ghoulies), The Connection have gone b ... read more »

Action Painting (2CD)
Price: $28.00
Artist: The Creation
Description: Produced by the legendary Shel Talmy (The Who, the Kinks), from 1966-68 The Creation put dizzyingly diverse singles, from crunchy, catchy guitar rock to lightly trippy pop to sultry blue-eyed soul to avant-garde psychedelia. They were a dynamic band with an equally engaging image that would leave an indelible mark upon mu ... read more »

Blow Up + bonus tracks
Price: $17.00
Artist: The Direct Hits
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 7. AFTER MARCH 7, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. The Direct Hits were one of the most essential bands to come out of the Mod revival in the early 80’s and have been called “one of the 80’s great cult pop ... read more »

Blow Up Revisited
Price: $20.00
Artist: The Direct Hits
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 7. AFTER MARCH 7, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. This release is not intended to replace the “Blow Up” album, (which is something that is very hard, if not impossible to do), but to be a companion piece t ... read more »

The Original House Of Secrets + bonus tracks
Price: $17.00
Artist: The Direct Hits
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 7. AFTER MARCH 7, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Their awesome second full length release from these A-List Mod revivalists, found them morphing slightly toward pyschedelia (which is A-OK in our book!) wh ... read more »

I'm For The Flowers
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Flywheels
Description: EN ROUTE! The 12 tracks on The Flywheels’ debut have been nurtured like fine wine by the two founding members of the San Francisco Bay area-based combo: Kim Wonderley and Eric Scott. On a sad note, while this debut has been built up over a 20-year span, Eric Scott, passed away in 2016 and sadly didn’t get to see this wond ... read more »

Head Out Of Dreams (6CD)
Price: $37.00
Artist: The Hollies
Description: If you hung with The Hollies well after their hits-laden years, then this release will be a welcome addition to your collection! While they are best known for their 60’s recordings, The Hollies (with Allan Clarke and Terry Sylvester in the role of Graham Nash) recorded some masterful recordings during the 70’s and 80’s. O ... read more »

The Jigsaw Seen For The Discriminating Completist (Rarities and Singles 1989-2015)
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Jigsaw Seen
Description: This kool kareer-spanning kollection includes the band's debut single "Jim Is The Devil" and their latest single "Have A Wonderful Day," spanning 1989-2015. All 12 tracks have been newly remastered by Pete Maher at Pete Maher Mastering in London, with many appearing on compact disc for the first time. The complete track l ... read more »

Mama's Boy
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Lunar Laugh
Description: And then there were three… A lot has changed for The Lunar Laugh since their last record – 2015’s “Apollo”. A new member, a new Spanish record deal and 11 beautiful new songs. Joined by Campbell Young on bass, electric guitar, keyboards, and vocals, multi-instrumentalists Jared Lekites and Connor Anderson have fashioned ... read more »

Tomorrow's Coming (Expanded)
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Modulators
Description: On their debut, The Modulators delivered a sugary-sweet blend of Raspberries-esque dream pop and Marshall Crenshaw-ian jangle-crunch. In 2010 we offered this title up as a limited edition, “needle drop” handmade CDR. They sold out in no time. Now, the fine folks at Manufactured Recordings have given this piece of 80’s N ... read more »

America's Velvet Glory
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Molochs
Description: It’s not a surprise to see the Molochs are on the same label that brought the world the Allah-Las. Like their fellow Los Angelenos, the Molochs are in thrall to that point in the mid-60’s where Beat groups, garage bands and psychedelic outfits began to merge into each other. “There’s a drowsiness about their music – they t ... read more »

A Few Thousand Miles More...
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Never Never
Description: Long lost Australian power pop band from the mid 80’s. Formed in Perth, Australia during 1980 The Never Never evolved from guitar pop trio Silent Type. The band consisted of Simon Goodridge (founding member), Sean Diggens and Ross Philpot. School friend Peter Busher joined the band later that year making a four piece. In ... read more »

Here Come The No-Things!!
Price: $18.00
Artist: The No-Things
Description: Edinburgh, Scotland has always had an excellent and thriving garage rock scene. Dating way back to the days of the early 80’s, bands such as Thee Telescopes, The Thanes and a dozen others were hollerin’ and a-screaming and making a holy racket in the dark, damp basement venues of the city’s old town. Club nights, fanzines ... read more »

Stoned In Love
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Orange Drop
Description: Like wow, man! Hailing from neighboring Philadelphia, The Orange Drop blends dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-laced sounds of the 60’s. Brian Jonestown Massacre fans (particularly of the early records) should appreciate The Orange Drop's approach that is both lo-fi and polished. If this is garage rock, it was ma ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: The Rallies
Description: The Rallies formed in Tacoma WA a number of years ago, founded by Steve Davis, this his first and only band. The band's had many membership changes since, starting with Lee Brown (drummer), a good friend of the guitarist at the time, who joined a few years ago. Bassist Rick Jones came on board shortly after. And finally, ... read more »

Northwest Passages
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Sadies
Description: The Sadies have used their eclectic prowess to back the diverse likes of John Doe, Neil Young, Andre Williams, Neko Case and Robyn Hitchcock among others, while also releasing a steady stream of their own music. Recorded in the basement of Dallas and Travis Good’s parents' home north of Toronto over the winter of 2015, th ... read more »

Where You Going
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Sequins
Description: Move over Gram and Emmylou, there’s a new sheriff and deputy in town! Some pretty sweet twang and pickin’ from this Michigan (!) gang of country pop rockers – and there are indeed some terrific pop moments here - led by John Holk. To Holk’s Gram Parsons, there’s the Emmylou Harris inspired Isabel Nelson-Mervak to be his f ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: The Simple Carnival
Description: Seven years in the making, Jeff Boller is back with “Smitten”, eleven tracks of meticulously-crafted power pop bliss. It’s as if Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren, Burt Bacharach, and The Beach Boys decided to lock themselves in a recording studio for the better part of a decade to see what would happen. “Like the ... read more »

Barricades And Angels
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Stray Trolleys
Description: MARTIN NEWELL ALERT!! CD debut of the sole album by The Stray Trolleys, a/k/a Martin Newell's band before he formed the Cleaners from Venus. In May of 1979, Martin was 26 years old and in transition. He’d just split up with his girlfriend and moved out of the Colchester house they’d shared for four years. A month later, Ne ... read more »

Falling Right Down!
Price: $17.00
Artist: The Strollers
Description: LIMITED VINYL reissue of their 1999 debut! NOTE TO NON-US CUSTOMERS: POSTAGE COST TO SHIP THIS LP IS $23.50 – YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PAYPAL THE ADDITIONAL $10 TO COVER SHIPPING AFTER YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ORDER. The Strollers were one of the best Swedish live acts of their day, influenced by Music Machine, The Seeds, The Son ... read more »

Fat City Let's Go!
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Tripwires
Description: 10” VINYL-ONLY RELEASE (NO CD PLANNED AT THIS TIME)! New record of this Seattle super group with members of the Young Fresh Fellows, Mudhoney, Model Rockets, The Minus 5, Roy Loney's Longshots, Neko Case, and many more. After their incredible third album, “Get Young”, they’re back with a 10” contain 6 great songs. As us ... read more »

The Epic Years 1976-78 (4CD)
Price: $27.00
Artist: The Vibrators
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 22. AFTER MARCH 22, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. The Vibrators were founded in February, 1976 by Ian 'Knox' Carnochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis, and drummer John 'Eddie' Edwards. They ... read more »

Odessey & Oracle: 50th Anniversary Edition
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Zombies
Description: This CD celebrates the 50th anniversary of “Odessey and Oracle”, recorded between June and August of 1967. Remastered from the best sources possible, the package includes bonus tracks, (alternate versions and outtakes from the original recording sessions), never before seen photos, and new liner notes. “Odessey and Oracle ... read more »

The Distance
Price: $13.00
Artist: Thorcraft Cobra
Description: Despite their righteously badass nom d'artiste Thorcraft Cobra are not purveyors of weed-hazed, beer-soaked SoCal Throttle Rock. Together, Billy Zimmer (Brown Eyed Susans) and Tammy Glover (Sparks) combine a knack for concise pop songwriting, a gift for crafting immediately engaging melody, and impeccable taste in rock and ... read more »

A Good Hat Indeed
Price: $11.00
Artist: Tommy Sistak
Description: YES!!! “A Good Hat Indeed” is the follow up to Tommy’s “Short Songs” – which was released on CD exclusively through Kool Kat! If you’ve yet to grab it, you really should! Not straying from a good formula – sharp, concise hook-filled songs complemented by simple, yet effective delivery and production - “A Good Hat Indeed” ... read more »

Lookout Tower
Price: $11.00
Artist: Tom Baker and The Snakes
Description: A Boston rock mainstay, Tom Baker cut his teeth playing every club and bar in town, writing, recording and fronting local faves Nana (signed to Roadrunner Records for a demo) and the Dirty Truckers. Flashback….there was once an afternoon when you were laying on your bed staring at the Creem and Hit Parader rock star poster ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: TUNS
Description: TUNS (pronounced "tonnes", and strangely named after the Technical University of Nova Scotia) is a Canadian indie “supergroup” (don’t you just cringe when you hear that word?) consisting of Chris Murphy (Sloan), Matt Murphy (Super Friendz, Flashing Lights) and Mike O'Neill (The Inbreds). Having already toured the world, rel ... read more »

UglyThings Magazine - Issue #44
Price: $10.00
Artist: UglyThings Magazine - Issue #44
Description: DUE MID-APRIL – ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW! Headline stories this time include a candid, in-depth new interview with Dean Torrence of JAN & DEAN, and a feature of ‘60s Southern rock ‘n’ soul heroes THE UNIQUES. Also revealed are the stories of Sloan & Barri pop protégés THE THOMAS GROUP, Australian shock rocker GEOFF CROZIER, ... read more »

Big Stir: Power Pop & More at CIA – The First Year
Price: $10.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: Big Stir is a monthly showcase for local and touring power pop, psych rock, sunshine pop and garage rock artists, hosted on a weekend night each month at the singular and fascinating CIA (California Institute of Abnormalarts) in North Hollywood, CA. Drawing its name from seminal power pop band Big Star and its inspiration ... read more »

Dana Countryman’s Girlville! – New Songs In The Style Of Yesterday’s Hits!
Price: $14.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: Songwriter-Producer Dana Countryman has written and recorded three albums of his particular brand of "retro-pop" over the past three years, but his "Girlville" album is a little different. Having studied the work of the classic Brill Building songwriters, he decided to challenge himself to write brand new songs that sound l ... read more »

The Great British Beat Vol. 1
Price: $17.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 7. AFTER MARCH 7, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. If you were lucky enough/old enough to remember when the Direct Hits and their fan club were active in the 80’s, you’d be privy to a slew (29 is what we ha ... read more »

The Lost Love House Recordings 1991-1998
Price: $17.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 7. AFTER MARCH 7, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. This release features previously unreleased recordings from 1991 -1998, all produced by Colin Swan following the demise of the Direct Hits in 1988. This is ... read more »

Redirected: The Songs Of Buckmaster-Swan
Price: $17.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY – ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY MARCH 7. AFTER MARCH 7, THIS BECOMES A “SPECIAL ORDER TITLE” WITH NO GUARANTEE OF AVAILABILITY/IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Just released is this terrific, loving tribute to Geno Buckmaster and Colin Swan. Featuring performances of : “She’s Not Here, There Or Anywhere” - Maddie ... read more »

The Baseball Collection, Vol. 1
Price: $8.00
Artist: Vista Blue
Description: Vista Blue is Mike Patton’s (ex-Loblaws) current project. A 20 song, baseball-themed compilation of four previously download-only EPs - delivered in Ramones-like style, featuring lots of energy and hooks. Mike provides some insight into the way he/Vista Blue works these days – “I thought I would’ve stopped a long time ago ... read more »

Out On Your Block
Price: $13.00
Artist: Wyldlife
Description: Straight out of New York City, Wyldlife’s bright and brash Rock & Roll attitude updates 70’s punk, glam and garage rock for the modern age. After two self-released records, the band now steps up swinging for the fences on their Wicked Cool Records debut,. “A lot of bands start to move in a different direction when the thi ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Your Gracious Host
Description: What do you get when you combine the rambunctious, guitar driven rock of the Replacements or Sugar and combine it with a vocal melody out of the XTC or McCartney songbook, then add a pinch of layered harmony akin with CSN &Y or the Beach Boys? This musical hodge-podge recipe may fall somewhere in the vicinity of Your Graci ... read more »