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Blisters And Thorns
Price: $11.00
Artist: Andy Bopp
Description: Baltimore pop legend Andy Bopp is no stranger to rock and roll, whether as a solo artist or in his bands: Love Nut, Myracle Brah, The Modern Ruins and The Bleaker Street Cowboys. “Blisters and Thorns”, Andy ‘s first ”official” solo record released under his own name features all new material, and stands as one of the best albums of a journeyman’s career. The album is as catchy as his masterpiece, Myracle Brah’s “Life on Planet Eartsnop”. What sets this album apart from ”Eartsnop”’s brilliant power pop is the seamless blending of genres, such as Americana and power pop, creating a gorgeous, cohesive rock and roll album with lyrics that range from darkly introspective to deeply analytical. “This may just be Andy’s finest hour since the halcyon days of Myracle Brah in the late 90’s. His ample songwriting skills are on display all over the place, and the sad and lovely ‘Hello’ (colored, as are a few other songs here, by lovely steel guitar shadings), the galloping ‘Broken Ties’ and the rockin’, mid-tempo ‘Barely Hanging On’ are among his best-ever compositions and should appeal to longtime fans. Other tunes are somewhat more atmospheric, but still showcase his unerring way with a melody. Nice.” – John Borack/Goldmine Magazine “This album feels more like a Myracle Brah album, but more importantly it is as good as any in that band's discography. The riffs are there, plus there's a mix of style, pedal steel, banjo and of course those Rickenbacker riffs. Most of important, he still has one of the great pop voices. A voice that's so easy on the ear. This is ace Pop, but there's plenty of variation. The Roy Orbison like ‘Simple Thing’ has a banjo intro, the Beatle-esque ‘Broken Tie’ starts with a lovely jangly Rickenbacker riff yet has a steel guitar solo. The haunting ‘Limousine’, the psych pop of ‘Grey Matter’, the bass line driven ‘Red Eye’, all add to the variation. ‘Broken Highway’ is a real weep along, ‘Minneapolis’ is chorus led with a wonderful solo. ‘Hello’ is magnificent, but the stand out is the orchestrated acoustic joy of ‘Maybe, Just Maybe’ that just breaks out into an awesome solo. Andy Bopp is as relevant as two decades ago and he's produced a pop masterpiece to be proud of.” – IDontHearASingle.com Very Marshall Crenshaw/Paul Westerberg/Replacements-like throughout! GREAT!!! ... read more »
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It's All Over Now
Price: $16.00
Artist: Brinsley Schwarz
Description: Thanks to the fine folk At Mega Dodo Records, more than 40 years after it was recorded, legendary pub rock outfit Brinsley Schwarz’s final studio album “It’s All Over Now” is being made available! The venerable London quintet had endured their share of trials and tribulations throughout the 1970’s. A disastrous pre-release publicity campaign in America, ending with a disastrous gig opening for Van Morrison in New York City, curtailed much of their Stateside success, though British audiences would come to embrace their pioneering back-to-basics, rockabilly-esque sound. Things seemed to take a turn with 1974’s “The New Favourites Of Brinsley Schwarz”, the group’s sixth album. It was produced by Dave Edmunds, who then recruited the group to back him on several live dates (captured in part on his own album, 1975’s “Subtle As A Flying Mallet”, which featured Nick Lowe and Bob Andrews in studio. Lowe and Edmunds would, of course, form Rockpile from the ashes of Brinsley Schwarz. But even with a future classic in the Lowe-penned “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding,” the group couldn’t move the needle. But that didn’t mean they didn’t try. The band reconvened in Rockfield Studios in Wales later in 1974 for one last go. The album that would become “It’s All Over Now” remained incomplete and was never released, and ended with the members going their separate ways. Schwarz and Andrews joined Graham Parker & The Rumour, while Lowe and Ian Gomm embarked on solo careers. Lowe’s was by far the highest profile, with a song recorded during the “It’s All Over Now” sessions, “Cruel to Be Kind,” becoming a worldwide Top 20 hit in 1979. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL PUB ROCK FANS! GREAT!! ... read more »
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Black Sky Thinking + bonus disc
Price: $15.00
Artist: Captain Wilberforce
Description: BRAND NEW RELEASE ON THE KOOL KAT LABEL! It’s been a while – six years in fact – but Captain Wilberforce is back with a new album, his Kool Kat debut, and a permanent line-up. Simon Bristoll (The Captain) has a reputation for creating songs with compelling melodies, cascading harmonies and crafted lyrics, and this album is no different. He was influenced by classic songwriters like Joe Jackson, Ray Davies and Squeeze – as well as their more contemporary counterparts such as Jim O’Rourke, Ryan Adams and Guy Garvey – in putting together the songs on the new album. He’s taken these influences and turned out a set of well-crafted pop - timeless, cultured tunes that ear-worm their way into your life. In a change from previous albums, on which different local musicians were used, Captain Wilberforce now has a new permanent line up – joining Simon (vocals/guitars) are Carl Banks (drums), Rob Simpson (guitars) and Massimiliano Borghesi (bass/vocals). “Here’s a great example of a band that should be far bigger than they are. There are so many Neil Finn and Crowded House fans around and you wonder why they are not also buying Captain Wilberforce too. On album ‘Black Sky Thinking’, Bristoll has lost none of his songwriting excellence. The album is a perfect example of how great pop should be made. There seems a little more of a mellow feel on songs like ‘Couples’ and ‘You Can't Have Me’ which ramp up the Finn comparisons, there's a particularly great piano accompaniment on the latter. ‘King Of Decision’ is McCartney Beatles pop of the highest order. There are hints of Psych Pop too, especially on the opener, the splendid, ‘The Johnny Depp Memorial Café’. ‘Stickleback Toffee’ could be a soundtrack to those old Saturday morning cartoons. The closing title track is pure psych and reveals a side of the band that I love, pre-60’s Strawberry Psych. ‘Black Sky Thinking’ sounds much more like a band album than previous albums which you sense have been Simon Bristoll and others. The 12 songs make up a proper album, none of this download one song rubbish. If there is any justice in the world, this album will be massive. This is one of the most pleasant listens that I've had in a long while. I expected nothing less.” – IDontHearASingle.com COMES WITH AN EXCLUSIVE 5-SONG BONUS EP OF TWO SONGS RECORDED ON BBC RADIO 2 (INCLUDING A COVER OF THE JAYHAWKS’ “BLUE”), AND THREE FROM EAST LEEDS FM. GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

To Hull and Back
Price: $18.00
Artist: City Limits
Description: This is a MUST for anyone into Power Pop/Mod. Founded by Ted Waite and Jonathan Beardsworth in 1973 at the age of fifteen under the moniker Gypsy they bashed out their first teenage efforts with a cover of “Radar Love” it wasn´t until 1976 when Paul Hart-Woods and Colin McCaig joined, that they started to play their first original material accompanied by covers like “Suffragette City” or “Black Magic Woman” due to the fact that Punk and it´s ancestors still being stuck in the traffic jam up the M1 to West Yorkshire. Right in time with Anthony Peart joining on rhythm guitar as the fifth member and increasing the number of original songs within´ their set, their personal musical trigger button was hit by the bomb pop sounds of Elvis Costello and his debut “My Aim Is True” on Stiff Records. They then set out to write breakneck speed pop songs drenched in sweat and fuelled by nothing stronger than Tetleys Bitter and they walked it tall through beer stained and smoke filled venues in and around Leeds and Bradford. Eventually settling on the name City Limits, they released their lone EP, “Morse Code Messages”, in 1979. As well as all 3 tracks from this ultra rare record, the album includes what was to have been their second 7" plus 6 other studio tracks and 2 high energy live recordings. “Watch out all you power pop ultra fanatics and 1979 heart attack rhythm lovers ´cause after having elevated your skinny tied soul to seventh heaven top floor with the incredible full-length comeback of The Jetz last year, Queen Mum Records is back with another masterstroke that you´ll rub your hands and wet your pants for. A treasure chest tailor-made for Kidnap and his dedicated label work to dig deeper in and start the hunt for more hidden diamonds that even the most nerdy collector hasn´t dared to dream of yet while cuddling his near mint Clive Culbertson and Sudden Fun originals. If you are searching for another addition to your teenage anthem gallery besides top notch purveyors like The Jags, Donkeys, Tours, Exits, and The Heats, if you want some more power pearls to dance the night and your sorrows away, then this record´s for you!” – Vibratorbuzzblog.com GREAT!! ... read more »
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Wild Kingdom
Price: $15.00
Artist: Cotton Mather
Description: For those who prefer the melodic pop side of rock music, Cotton Mather has surely been a source of much fun over the past 27 years with their irresistible Beatlesque pop crossed with an early Elvis Costello sneer. Frontman/songwriter Robert Harrison Harrison is currently in the midst of a large-scale project wherein he pens a song for each hexagram of the I Ching. “Songs from the I Ching” will eventually be made up of 64 songs. These tracks are to be spread across a number of EPs and LPs. The first set of tracks appeared on 2016’s “Death Of The Cool”. “Wild Kingdom” represents the second installment of the project. “Harrison does not lack for chutzpah or concepts; he named this Austin power-pop institution after a 17th-century firebrand-preacher in Puritan New England, neatly summarizing its explosive union of literate confrontation and bracing Who-ish dynamics. After an extended break and two decades on from the group's 1997 classic ‘Kontiki’, Harrison has launched an extended odyssey – initiated last year with ‘Death of the Cool’ – in which each song is based on one of the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. ‘I don't know how to quit,’ Harrison admits – and boasts – in ‘The Cotton Mather Pledge,’ a punchy anthem that opens the new record, like hot, shiny Raspberries fortified with the elevated argument of Squeeze and Attractions-era Elvis Costello. For the philosophy inside the jangle, Harrison has a running log of progress and analysis at ichingsongs.com. For the roots behind the mission, note the lick that opens ‘Wild Kingdom’'s ‘Girl With a Blue Guitar’ – a treble chip off ‘Have You Seen Her Face’ from the Byrds' ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ LP.” – RollingStone.com “What impresses most about Cotton Mather is that they continue to make relevant, exciting, brilliant music to this day.” – PopMatters.com GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away
Price: $17.00
Artist: Erik Voeks
Description: WOW!!! Though he only just released a few singles (on legendary indie labels Bus Stop & Parasol), and the classic 1993 album "Sandbox" (recorded with a cast of friends that included Adam Schmitt, Patrick Hawley, Jay Bennett, Steve Scariano and Nick Rudd), Erik Voeks' music has resonated deep with a small but dedicated group of power pop aficionados throughout the world. "Lost treasure", "hidden gem" are expressions often used to describe "Sandbox". For years Erik kept a low profile, but he never gave up music recording home demos, playing with a few friends as The Octopus Frontier, or even touring in the U.S. and Europe with Jon Dee Graham. In late 2012 Spring Records released on vinyl a 4-song EP titled "Free Range", that received rave reviews. Since then Erik has kept himself busy putting out more new recordings through his Bandcamp page, playing shows and touring Spain a couple of times. "So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away" gathers a series of digital only singles Erik released monthly (from April to September 2016), plus two new recordings. The result? Thirteen new songs of pure unadultered POP. Every bit as good as good, if not better, as his much remembered and revered "Sandbox". THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE, STONE-COLD MUST FOR EVERYONE WHO LOVES FIRST-RATE, GREAT POP!! GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Cumulus + bonus disc
Price: $16.00
Artist: Mark & The Clouds
Description: WOW!! Their sophomore outing is another fine collection of 60’s-tinged power pop that also leans towards psych pop. “A terrific set of new songs of yearning, lusting, failed relationships, and anger that are a mixture of upbeat music, garage-pop-psych ballads, and rock. There some interesting touch points as well. ‘Hit By Lightning’ bears a passing resemblance to Hawkwind’s ‘Silver Machine,’ ‘Baby You’re Just a Liar’ rocks like The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go,’ the acid folk ballads ‘Another Grey Morning’ and ‘Take My Sky’ could have been ‘Ummagumma’-era Pink Floyd tracks. Running through all the songs are electrifying fuzzed/tremelo/jangling guitars, Mellotron, and great vocal harmonies. The songs that really stand out for me are the Syd Barrett-influenced ‘Another Grey Morning’ with trippy vocals, minor chords, and harmonium; the acid folk ‘I’m Stopping Here (Bombs & Guns)’, the West Coast psych ala The Byrds ‘Don’t Block the Sun’, and the acid folk album closer ‘Evil Fairies’.” - Henry Schneider “What a glorious racket this is! Their modus operandi, of course, has not changed – classic 60’s-styled pop that prompts comparisons to everyone from the Beatles to the Kinks and onto the Small Faces, but with an extra-added buoyancy that bops in corners that most others never think of. This is one of those fist-pumping, knee bending, guitar strumming offerings that leaves you grinning like a loon for days on end, a transistor radio worth of hits-you-missed that sends you scrambling over the sand dunes to sit near the person who’s playing it loudest – in fact, it seems strange to be playing it in the depths of an east coast winter, when it ought to be adding its weight to the sunniest day. No matter. Eased into the mood by ‘On Her Bike’, set dancing by ‘Road, Mud and Cold’, and reeling by ‘Hit By Lightning’ – we’re only three tracks in and already, ‘Cumulus’ has tingled toes that most records never touch. By the time you hit ‘You’re Just a Liar’, ‘Take My Sky’, and ‘Don’t Block the Sun’, you’re reaching for their debut album and bunkering in for the long haul. Just don’t dare leave the room, ‘cos you’ll miss another killer hook.” – Goldmine Magazine COMES WITH A BONUS CD OF THE BAND’S LIVE PERFORMANCE AT THE HALF MOON IN PUTNEY, LONDON! GREAT!!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Bob Of The Pops Vol. 1
Price: $5.00
Artist: Robyn Gibson
Description: JUNIPERS ALERT!! A very kool album of covers from Robyn Gibson, a member of The Junipers. He performed all parts on this particular project. Sneaking in recording sessions after his main band was done work for the day, he took five years putting together this amazing collection of covers. The range is spectacular, from rare to well known choices covering 60’s up to the 90’s. His formula is simple: take catchy tunes and apply his unerring talent for recreating a jangly 60’s British pop rock sound. “I don't know what it is about the city of Leicester, but it seems to produce jingle jangle bands of the highest order. I've always been a fan of Diesel Park West and The Junipers are in the same mould. If you've never heard of them, you should chastise yourself and head off and grab their two albums. This album is as jangly as you'd expect from Mr. Juniper, but the song selection is inspired. I'm particularly glad to see the presence of Nick Heyward's’ He Doesn't Love You Like I Do’, an underrated gem from an underrated album. Elsewhere, you'd expect to see some Teenage Fanclub, but not necessarily ‘Slow Fade’ and ‘Did I Say’. The nod to power pop is there with Kirsty MacColl’s ‘They Don't Know’ and the obligatory Lennon and McCartney (‘Nowhere Man’). It's also fantastic to hear The Dentists and Wire's ‘Outdoor Miner’ and Honeybus's ‘How Long’ is something that I don't recall being performed too often. The influences build up with The Rutles' ‘With A Girl Like You’. The Springfields' ‘Island Of Dreams’ is better than the original and there's even the theme tune to ‘Laverne and Shirley’. There's even one of Gibson's own songs to round things off. The spoof ‘Top Of The Pops’ album cover is inspired, not the usual suggestive female pose and I definitely want one of those cardigans.” – Idonthearasingle.com GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Price: $11.00
Artist: Ruby Free
Description: The sophomore outing under the Ruby Free banner from Rick Hromadka (Maple Mars/Double Naught Spies) and wife/vocalist Lisa Cavaliere. Two years in the making "Shades" picks up where their first album "Introducing Ruby Free" left off, but with a few new turns. And to help them navigate some of the new turns, they’ve enlisted some pretty heavy help from the likes of Rick Gallego (Cloud Eleven/Jiffipop – bass/pedal steel), Joe Giddings (guitars/vocals), and Probyn Gregory (Wondermints/Beach Boys - horns) who provide the perfect, sympathetic accompaniment throughout – ensuring that this is a winner. The harmonies through are also a true delight. “Ruby Free have released one of the best albums so far for 2017.... For real. This is a top-shelf pop tour de force from start to finish.. Another infectious pop platter!” - Jeff Shelton(KSCU) Indeed. “The songwriting (as always) is top shelf, the performances are top notch, and the results are the top of the toppermost!” – Max Humphries GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

Matchless Gifts 2006-2016 + bonus disc
Price: $15.00
Artist: Son Of Skooshny
Description: NEW RELEASE ON THE KOOL KAT MUSIK LABEL! Contrary to popular rock'n'roll belief, flash isn't everything. It's quite conceivable that no band in rock's hoary history was less flashy, more self-effacing than Skooshny. The name itself, widely disliked even by the band's strongest supporters, is Russian for "boring". Skooshny was Mark Breyer (vocals, guitar), Bruce Wagner (guitar, keyboards, vocals), and David Winogrond (drums). Among other contributors were Beach Boys engineer Jeff Peters and keyboardist Michael Meros, Eagles keyboardist Michael Thompson, and acclaimed singer/songwriter Michael Penn. This modest band, with its equally modest official recorded output, consistently produced music of rare quality, featuring spectral harmonies, labyrinthine song structures, and playful, literate lyrics that transcended the low-budget productions to which they were constrained to resort. The Sunday Times of London praised one of Skooshny’s albums, calling it "an irresistible era-defying classic." MOJO gushed "...that rarest of breeds, an album that sounds totally self-contained and complete...pain, heartache and loss never sounded so gorgeous!” Son of Skooshny is a spin-off featuring Skooshny frontman Mark Breyer with producer–collaborators Steve Refling, Jeff Peters, and Arthur Schlenger. From 2006-2016, Mark and mates released a series of digital-only EPs that many Skooshny fans were probably not even aware of and are complied here. “Mark Breyer is one of the best underrated rock tunesmiths and lyricists of the past four decades, keeping the literate jangle rock flame burning as strongly as any songwriter is these days. Richly tuneful, jangly, anthemic, deviously lyrical rock. Both lyrically and musically, this is a genuinely amazing album." — New York Music Daily COMES WITH AN EXCLUSIVE BONUS DISC CONTAINING 5 MORE TRACKS NOT FOUND ON THE FULL-LENGTH RELEASE! GREAT!! ... read more »
Quantity in Basket: none

A Different Kind Of Here
Price: $15.00
Artist: Almost Charlie
Description: Berlin singer/multi-instrumentalist Dirk Homuth and New York City lyricist Charlie Mason have teamed up again to pen “A Different Kind of Here”, Almost Charlie's fourth album, and the band's third record for the Minneapolis-based Words On Music label. With twelve new songs brimming with impossibly elegant hooks, poignant i ... read more »

Euphoria Love
Price: $10.00
Artist: Brenyama
Description: Produced by Kurt Reil of The Grip Weeds (who’s all over this as a guest player contributing vocals, percussion, and guitars) at the ‘Weeds House Of Vibes studio, this neo-psychedelic four piece from New Jersey have fashioned up a real fun pop album, very much set in the 60's and focusing on the joint vocals of husband and w ... read more »

Shot Through The Heart
Price: $11.00
Artist: Bullet Proof Lovers
Description: Kurt Baker alert! The hardest working man in Pop is back (again)! Bullet Proof Lovers bleed, sweat, and shred big hooks, loud guitars, a thundering rhythm section, and pop sensibility, ravaged with elements of Fred "Sonic" Smith, Primal Scream, The Hellacopters, and The Hives! And we’re happy to report that this, their f ... read more »

Stop Talking
Price: $15.00
Artist: Chris Price
Description: Chris Price is a man of many talents - producer for Emitt Rhodes and Linda Perhacs, writing with artists like Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish) and Taylor Locke (Rooney) or recording a complete album with an iPhone 4 (his first record “Homesick”). On “Stop Talking” (the perfect early Sunday after noon/late evening recor ... read more »

Fear The Summer
Price: $13.00
Artist: Colman Gota
Description: The third release from Spanish popper Colman Gota! “Colman’s ‘Tape’ was one of the best albums of 2016. With Mitch Easter back in the engineer’s chair and a batch of new tunes, the bar had been raised even higher for his latest effort. With its distinctive vocals, pleasing harmonies, and catchy melodies, you’ll very like ... read more »

Broken Biscuits + bonus disc
Price: $14.00
Artist: Corin Ashley
Description: In 2015, after a spell as the touring bass player for seminal chamber-pop band Cardinal, Corin set about recording the follow-up to 2013’s “New Lion Terraces”. Things were going along just swimmingly, with an inspiring collaboration with Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Breeders, Belly) called "Wind Up Boy," and quick progre ... read more »

The Indicator EP
Price: $8.00
Artist: Dave Rave and The Governors
Description: The fourth release from Canadian legend Dave Rave and his Minnesota band The Governors. It was written and recorded over three days at bandmate Rich Mattson’s Sparta Studio in the summer of 2016 while the band was promoting the release of their third full length "Radio Rave". Dave explains, "After the session I felt that ... read more »

A World Of My Own
Price: $15.00
Artist: Derrick Anderson
Description: Before touring with Dave Davies (The Kinks) and becoming bassist for The Bangles in 2008, Derrick Anderson (with The Andersons!) romped throughout Los Angeles from 1995-2004 flashing an energized, cheeky brand of pop/rock. But finally, it's time for Derrick to arrive as a solo artist. “A World Of My Own” draws inspiration ... read more »

Diamond Hands
Price: $10.00
Artist: Diamond Hands
Description: NEW RELEASE ON THE KOOL KAT KAT LABEL! Previously only available on vinyl! Diamond Hands is the nom de plume of the L.A. duo of Jon Flynn and Joel Wall. And let it be known, these two popsters have an uncanny knack for a never-ending barrage of earworm melodies and retro-influenced instrumentation all in under 3 minutes! ... read more »

Peace Potato
Price: $15.00
Artist: Doug Tuttle
Description: Massachusetts songwriter returns with his third solo album that introduces itself with the horn-laden, honeydripper, “Bait The Sun”, a classic Tuttle tune; downer pop melodies coloring a hypnagogic landscape. It is indeed that state of lucid dreaming, somewhere between the onset of sleep is where he firmly plants the seeds ... read more »

Greatest Hitch Vol. 1 (CD + DVD)
Price: $12.00
Artist: Eric Howell
Description: This is Eric in his pre-King Mixer Days! This recording was created over a span of fifteen years - not a long time in terms of say, human rights or historically monumental events, but in rock and roll...that's a lifetime. Here is the culmination of that lifetime in music, which also happens to be Eric's first full-length ... read more »

Live In San Francisco 1971
Price: $15.00
Artist: Flamin' Groovies
Description: You could hardly invent a more perfect template for a pre-punk cult rock band than the Flamin’ Groovies. Though their 1965 formation and 1968 recorded debut place them squarely in the hippie era, they purveyed a prescient and influential back-to-basics ethos, with a roots-and-blues approach that was of its time at first, b ... read more »

Just Dandy
Price: $13.00
Artist: Gentle Brent
Description: After a couple albums under his own name and as the Pinecones, Canadian Brent Randall is now using the moniker Gentle Brent. Brent is always of two minds. Some days you'll find him as an impish cabaret piano man singing whimsical ballads like some millennial Tiny Tim. Other days he fronts a jangly band pretending to be a ... read more »

Never Leaving California
Price: $13.00
Artist: Greg Ieronimo
Description: The followup to his “Bipolar Love” EP is finally here…and it’s a stone cold corker! “Ieronimo’s sound emphasizes the ‘power’ in power pop with heavy riffs leading the way on each song, comparable to Extreme or Green Day, but with a melodic emphasis and lush production technique similar to Jason Falkner. And unlike the deb ... read more »

Bipolar Love
Price: $9.00
Artist: Greg Ieronimo
Description: WOW!! Who said "they don't make power pop like they used to anymore"? Wile we await the impending new release from Greg, here's his hook-filled debut that you surely whet your appetite! "This will surely be at the top of my favorites list for 2014! From start to finish, if these songs don't get you singing along and dan ... read more »

Never Leaving California + Bipolar Love Bundle
Price: $18.00
Artist: Greg Ieronimo
Description: Missed out on Greg's brilliant debut? Get both "Never Leaving California" and "Bipolar Love" at a special "two-fer" price! ... read more »

God's Clown
Price: $17.00
Artist: Johan Asherton
Description: Singer/songwriter Johan Asherton has found an audience in his native France and as far away as Japan with his special brand of alternative pop and folk-rock. Born in Paris in 1958 to a family of classically trained musicians, he took up the violin and piano as a boy, and sang in his school choir - but he found inspiration ... read more »

Hang On
Price: $10.00
Artist: King Mixer
Description: King Mixer is both musical ensemble and performing alias of Chicago singer/songwriter Eric Howell, who fronts a sound that, quoting Audities, “is at once equal parts Paul McCartney and Paul Simon backed by R.E.M.” He gets contributions from the likes of Nick Kitsos (BoDeans/Michael McDermott), Mike Felumlee (Smoking Popes/ ... read more »

Price: $14.00
Artist: King Washington
Description: Born and bred in sunny Southern California, King Washington delivers an easy, new California sound. The strong Southern California heritage of the band members is made manifest in their songwriting, fusing elements of their California roots in the folk rock music of the 60’s and 70’s and builds upon them with a blues tinte ... read more »

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets
Price: $15.00
Artist: Los Straitjackets
Description: Following three holiday tours with Nick Lowe, America's foremost instrumental guitar combo Los StraitJackets couldn't help but ask the question, "What would Nick Lowe's songs sound like as instrumentals?" Well the Grammy-nominated guitar heroes answer that question with the release of “What's So Funny About Peace, Love and ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: Marc Jonson
Description: The Vanguard Records label is known for some obscure gems, but Marc Jonson's 1972 debut album “Years”, just might be the rarest—and the fairest—of them all! This lost psych folk/baroque pop masterpiece marked quite a departure for a label known for its traditional folk, blues, and roots music. Comparisons have been made t ... read more »

The Secret Art Of Saying Nothing
Price: $10.00
Artist: Mothboxer
Description: The long overdue follow up to 2014’s “Sand And The Rain” from these British popsters of the highest order is finally here, and already being hailed as a corker (we’re not surprised), and perhaps their best yet! “We all have bands that we are fans of and have trouble understanding why they are not multi-million sellers. We ... read more »

Good Night Air
Price: $12.00
Artist: Pasadena '68 & Dakota Shakedown
Description: Pasadena ’68 and Dakota Shakedown give new definition to the phrase “two for the price of one.” The two groups are comprised of the same members, the difference being that Nick Leet (ex-High On Stress) and Mike Hjelden take the role of songwriter and front-man for Pasadena ‘68 and Dakota Shakedown, respectively. Nick pro ... read more »

First Songs 1976-1983 (3CD)
Price: $27.00
Artist: Ronnie D'Addario
Description: If the D’Addario surnamne rings a recent bell, it’s because he’s the dad of the D’Addario brothers, otherwise known as the wonderfully poppy and glammy Lemon Twigs! Since 1976, Ronnie D'Addario has been recording wonderful records in the vein of Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, and other classic pop songwriters. Thanks to th ... read more »

Shindig! Magazine - Issue #67
Price: $13.00
Artist: Shindig! Magazine - Issue #67
Description: This issue’s cover boy is Jimi Hendrix: His manic, meteoric 1967 as it happened. Other features include: Ronnie D’Addario: The power pop nearly man in his own words. Blonde On Blonde: Reflections on the Welsh psych-rockers. Unicorn: Ill-fated UK country-rock journeymen. Sons Of Fred: Wild ’60s rhythm ’n’ beat. Dungen: ... read more »

Price: $13.00
Artist: Spygenius
Description: The latest (and fourth overall release) from these British psych pop pilgrims is a true adventure in style that demands your full attention when savoring. They’re an eclectic four piece electric band that uses a 60’s vocabulary to craft 21st century music with a post-modern twist. They are a band that refuse to be pigeonh ... read more »

Faster & Louder!
Price: $16.00
Artist: Suzy & Los Quattro
Description: Hailing from Barcelona, Suzy & Los Quattro are going to become, if they're not already, your favorite band if your thing is The Ramones' crunchy and catchy tunes, Blondie's New Wave edge and attitude and the Beach Boys positivism and vocal harmonies, and The Dahlmanns. It's 1-2-3-4... into your heart they go! Their latest ... read more »

Crash Boom Bang!
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Bayonets
Description: The Bayonets’ guitarist and lead vocalist Brian Ray is known worldwide for his musical contributions to the Paul McCartney Band. Drummer Oliver Leiber (the son of songwriting legend Jerry Leiber) is well known for also playing guitar and recording songs for some of the biggest artists in the business, including Rod Stewart ... read more »

Power My Pop!
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Bopp
Description: Led by Jesse Bordeaux (a/k/a Jessepop), The Bopp is a French pop group, a musical project with a revolving cast of musicians and friends. It's pure pop/psych pop, with catchy melodies, stellar vocal harmonies and multi-guitar arrangements. Very Lemonheads-like to our ears. Jesse’s voice is reminiscent of Colin Blunstone’ ... read more »

Days Between Stations (Expanded)
Price: $12.00
Artist: The Dangtrippers
Description: The Dangtrippers were one of the few Iowa bands to play first-class jangle pop/power-pop for a global audience. The songwriting team of singers and guitarists Devin Hill (who released some pretty fine solo albums after the band split) and Doug Robertson penned gorgeous tunes of everyday life with a joyful and mature attitu ... read more »

Transparent Blue Illusion (Expanded)
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Dangtrippers
Description: Zero Hour released the second Dangtrippers album back in 1991 but their distributor at the time destroyed 700 of the 1000 pressed CDs. That made this album basically an unknown release and it has been lost for 26 years. Thankfully, Zero Hour have decided to reissue this brilliant lost album along with 7 rare bonus cuts. ... read more »

What We’ve All Been Waiting For
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Fallen Leaves
Description: On their fourth outing, The Fallen Leaves steadfastly stay true to their belief in the DIY Punk ethos. Song, sound and performance are all. Recordings are live, with minimal overdubs. While the years have seen a few line-up changes, the core duo of ex-Subway Sect types Rob Green and Rob Symmons continue to steer the ship ... read more »

I'm For The Flowers
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Flywheels
Description: The 12 tracks on The Flywheels’ debut have been nurtured like fine wine by the two founding members of the San Francisco Bay area-based combo: Kim Wonderley and Eric Scott. On a sad note, while this debut has been built up over a 20-year span, Eric Scott, passed away in 2016 and sadly didn’t get to see this wonderful album ... read more »

Broken Circle
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Greek Theatre
Description: NEW RELEASE ON THE KOOL KAT MUSIK LABEL! The second album by Sweden’s premier West Coast psych act. Their debut, "Lost Out At Sea”, was a gem and took many people by surprise with its quality. Their new album is the sequel of sorts but goes much deeper into full-on psychedelia yet retains - and even improves on - their e ... read more »

Kits & Cats and Saxon Wives + bonus track
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Hangabouts
Description: The Hangabouts, a Detroit area melodic pop band made up of John Lowry, Gregory Addington, and Chip Saam, are back with their terrific sophomore effort that builds on the momentum of their “Illustrated Bird” debut! Their much anticipated second release features 12 1/2 brand new songs, one super special guest vocalist, some s ... read more »

Head Out Of Dreams (6CD)
Price: $37.00
Artist: The Hollies
Description: If you hung with The Hollies well after their hits-laden years, then this release will be a welcome addition to your collection! While they are best known for their 60’s recordings, The Hollies (with Allan Clarke and Terry Sylvester in the role of Graham Nash) recorded some masterful recordings during the 70’s and 80’s. O ... read more »

Mama's Boy
Price: $13.00
Artist: The Lunar Laugh
Description: And then there were three… A lot has changed for The Lunar Laugh since their last record – 2015’s “Apollo”. A new member, a new Spanish record deal and 11 beautiful new songs. Joined by Campbell Young on bass, electric guitar, keyboards, and vocals, multi-instrumentalists Jared Lekites and Connor Anderson have fashioned ... read more »

Tomorrow's Coming (Expanded)
Price: $14.00
Artist: The Modulators
Description: On their debut, The Modulators delivered a sugary-sweet blend of Raspberries-esque dream pop and Marshall Crenshaw-ian jangle-crunch. In 2010 we offered this title up as a limited edition, “needle drop” handmade CDR. They sold out in no time. Now, the fine folks at Manufactured Recordings have given this piece of 80’s N ... read more »

A Few Thousand Miles More...
Price: $11.00
Artist: The Never Never
Description: Long lost Australian power pop band from the mid 80’s. Formed in Perth, Australia during 1980 The Never Never evolved from guitar pop trio Silent Type. The band consisted of Simon Goodridge (founding member), Sean Diggens and Ross Philpot. School friend Peter Busher joined the band later that year making a four piece. In ... read more »

Price: $12.00
Artist: The Rallies
Description: The Rallies formed in Tacoma WA a number of years ago, founded by Steve Davis, this his first and only band. The band's had many membership changes since, starting with Lee Brown (drummer), a good friend of the guitarist at the time, who joined a few years ago. Bassist Rick Jones came on board shortly after. And finally, ... read more »

Form Of Play: A Retrospective
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Sneetches
Description: The first-ever career overview of ’80s/’90s alt-pop mavericks The Sneetches. Described by Trouser Press as “one of the most tasteful, consistently tuneful pop bands on the American scene,” “Form Of Play: A Retrospective” is a compendium of the best moments from this Anglo-American outfit’s three albums and various singles ... read more »

Slightly Radio Active
Price: $10.00
Artist: The Squires Of The Subterrain
Description: The Squires of the Subterrain springs from the do-it-yourself, lo-fi (but certainly not low-quality) pop ingenuity of a single man, Christopher Earl (born Christopher Earl Zajkowski), a fixture on the 90’s underground pop scene of Rochester, NY. Throughout the decade, while playing in numerous combos and side projects, he ... read more »

Try It (Expanded)
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Standells
Description: Built around the banned title track, “Try It” is a tale of two (LP) sides; one a cohesive step into super-charged '67 Standells soul, the other a bet-hedging exercise that compiles possibly the strongest material of the band's career. Latter includes the classic Standells style, either at its most pulverizing ("Barracuda," ... read more »

Why Pick On Me/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (Expanded)
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Standells
Description: For their second Tower album, the Standells received a significant sonic boost with the move to American Recording Company. Legendary engineer Richie Podolor cut the best sounding records of the era; from the Standells, Chocolate Watchband, and Electric Prunes to Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night. The drum tracks on this alb ... read more »

Dirty Water (Expanded)
Price: $15.00
Artist: The Standells
Description: The Standells' first album for Tower Records was primarily recorded away from their Hollywood home base. Producer Ed Cobb picked a Seattle studio and engineer Kearney Barton (the Sonics), unwittingly unleashing the savage Pacific Northwest Sound on the rest of the country. As Standells founding member Larry Tamblyn tells i ... read more »

Price: $15.00
Artist: The Toms
Description: VINYL –ONLY RELEASE! He’s baaack! For the uninformed, The Toms is the solo project of producer, songwriter, and singer Tommy Marolda, who played all of the instruments on his self-titled debut (and on most of his subsequent releases over the years). Recorded in his home studio over a single weekend in 1979, his debut alb ... read more »

The End Of The Summer
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Wellingtons
Description: The Wellingtons are back! And despite embarking on their 14th year together, they are determined to prove that they can still deliver the pop (feel) goods. Their latest comes six years after their last studio album (“In Transit”). After extensive touring in Europe, USA and Japan to support the album and following vinyl-on ... read more »

Terminal (Expanded)
Price: $16.00
Artist: The Windbreakers
Description: Fully restored, digitally remastered, on CD for the first time ever, and bolstered with one studio bonus track and four live tracks! When originally released, this album, the group's first full-length release after two EPs, put forth Bobby Sutliff and Tim Lee as two New South style songwriters to be watched. Sutliff's son ... read more »

UglyThings Magazine - Issue #44
Price: $10.00
Artist: UglyThings Magazine - Issue #44
Description: Headline stories this time include a candid, in-depth new interview with Dean Torrence of JAN & DEAN, and a feature of ‘60s Southern rock ‘n’ soul heroes THE UNIQUES. Also revealed are the stories of Sloan & Barri pop protégés THE THOMAS GROUP, Australian shock rocker GEOFF CROZIER, Swedish R&B long-hairs SOONER OR LATER ... read more »

Pop Parade 8: Shadows & Reflections
Price: $16.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: JUST ARRIVED!! The eighth installment of this very kool series is dedicated to psychedelic pop this time around, and features 15 songs. Included are six previously unreleased songs and/or rarities by The Chemistry Set, Stay, Sweet Apple Pie, The Jeremy Band, The Wheels, and The Lemon Clocks! Other participants (most who ... read more »

Take A Mind Excursion: From Sunshine To Soft 1966-72
Price: $14.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: EN ROUTE! This very kool collection explores the turned-on sounds of the late 60’s pop scene, highlighting rare and obscure recordings from artists such as Bob Dileo, Vigrass, Pebbles & Shells, Something Young and so many more! The names may be unfamiliar, but the tunes are just as good as the big-time chart hits that get ... read more »

Thank You Friends – Big Star’s “Third” Live & More (2CD)
Price: $25.00
Artist: Various Artists
Description: 2CD collection that celebrates the musical legacy of one of rock's most influential bands - Big Star - and their legendary “Third” album. Experience this classic of late '70s power pop through the prism of a collective of immensely talented fans, including members of Wilco, R.E.M., Yo La Tengo, and, of course, Big Star. Fo ... read more »

The World's Best American Band
Price: $14.00
Artist: White Reaper
Description: The bold statement from White Reaper is not only the title of their new album, but also their credo. And with that mentality the band hit the studio and made a good ol' fashioned in-your-face rock ’n’ roll record. In their world, being coy about influence means you have something to hide and they proudly flaunt theirs lik ... read more »

Price: $10.00
Artist: Your Gracious Host
Description: What do you get when you combine the rambunctious, guitar driven rock of the Replacements or Sugar and combine it with a vocal melody out of the XTC or McCartney songbook, then add a pinch of layered harmony akin with CSN &Y or the Beach Boys? This musical hodge-podge recipe may fall somewhere in the vicinity of Your Graci ... read more »